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Driving license photo: You should observe these guidelines

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    For a short vacation or weekend trip, it is nice to go to the neighboring country, the Netherlands. For this reason, here are some tips on the traffic rules in the Netherlands. You will also find all the fines that are important for your next vacation here.

  • Travel allowances: Which guidelines have to be observed?

    When entering from abroad, luggage is subject to various rules. For example, so-called travel allowances apply to the importation of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products. You can find out here which requirements have to be observed inside and outside the EU.

  • In the motorcycle driving school - you should pay attention to that

    The motorcycle is very popular in Germany. Over 9 million people have a driving license in this driving license class. As with eel vehicles, a motorcycle driving school must be attended to be authorized to drive a two-wheeler. Read here what a basic motorcycle course looks like and what the practical driving test for this class is all about.

  • Visually Impaired Driving - These rules must be observed

    When it comes to driving a car with poor eyesight, many questions arise. What percentage of eyesight is required for a driver's license? Is it allowed to drive a car with one eye? These and other questions are answered here.

  • Night drive in the driving school: what should you watch out for?

    Learner drivers must complete special drives in order to be admitted to the practical driving test. These special trips also include the night trip. You can find out exactly how this works in our guide.

  • Maneuvering accident - what should you watch out for?

    An accident while maneuvering is not uncommon. Often the parking lot cannot be fully viewed when parking or correcting, and the result is sheet metal damage. You can find out everything you need to know about a maneuvering accident, what behavior is correct and how you should behave after an accident in our guide.

  • Buying a trailer: what you should consider!

    Why buy a trailer? The trunk is full, the roof rack overflows. Anyone who has to transport larger loads in their car comes to the point where they think about buying a trailer. Our guide explains what to look out for when buying a trailer.

  • Checking the fine notice (or having it checked): What you should be aware of

    Not all fines are correct. Before paying a fine, you should always check whether all the information is correct. It is not uncommon for mistakes to creep in that make a penalty notice contestable. But what does a fine notice have to include? Our guide will give you the information you need.