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Queen Elizabeth II After Philip's death: is she withdrawing now?

On Friday (April 9th) a message reached the United Kingdom that not only put the British in great mourning: Prince Philip († 99) blessed the temporal. The prince consort was a constant support for the kingdom, and solid as a rock for his wife, the Queen (94). Elizabeth has been Queen since June 2, 1953. There was always someone at her side: Prince Philip. How will things go on for the Queen after she had to say goodbye to her beloved husband after 73 years of marriage?

He led an eventful life! See in the video above the emotional recordings from Prince Philips almost 100 years of life.

Queen Elizabeth II: 73 years at the side of Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were a well-rehearsed team. For 73 years the two have walked side by side through life. They could always rely on each other. Not only did they raise their four children together, Prince Charles (72), Princess Anne (70), Prince Andrew (61) and Prince Edward (56), the United Kingdom was also shaped by the Queen and Philip in the Queen's 67 years of reign. Now, for the first time since her time on the throne, Elizabeth does not know her Philip by her side.

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Queen Elizabeth II: what will happen after Prince Philip's death?

The Queen and her family are deeply saddened. In private they say goodbye to their beloved family member. On June 10, just eight days after the Queen's jubilee, Prince Philip would have turned 100. Two very special events coincide here that could have an impact on the future of the Queen. For the 100th birthday of her deceased spouse and her 68th anniversary of the throne, the Queen could think about her resignation. Is she now leaving the throne and handing the crown over to her eldest son, Prince Charles?

The Queen's mourning for Prince Philip is great. Find out more in the video below.

Prince Philip is dead: what will the future of the Queen look like?

During the last almost 67 years of the Queen's reign, she has always been a symbol of stability and security. But the Queen has now also reached the proud age of almost 95 years. Only Elizabeth herself knows whether she would like to remain Queen even without her beloved Philip. Now it is time to pay her last respects to Philip. With dignity and great respect, the Queen and her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will bid farewell to their beloved husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

At the side of Prince Philip, the Queen went through ups and downs. Find out more about the life of the record monarch in the video below.