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Hello Together 🙂!

Can’t believe it…. But it's December !! How did that happen ?!

Maybe you’re feeling the same and still have tons to do before the gentleman with the long white beard and his four legged friends come for a visit …… .so we’ll make this really short….


No, we haven't managed to move in, but the gyp rock walls in the house and the connector building are all filled and sanded and Franks just getting the primer on, then give it another sand down, paint and then we have finished walls !!

And here ... ..see any difference? ...

Yep… ..metal fascia and rain gutters up and running …… ..so happy that’s finally done 🙂!

Next week our wood floor will be delivered and we'll have to see when we can start laying that.

But for now we're happy with what we're achieved ... ..especially as I was racing to get everything prepared for the

Lunenburg Christmas Crafts Fair

It was still so much to do and organize and Frank helped building another display while I was jumping between candle- and soap making, decorations for the wreaths, making crackle toffees and decorating the glasses and making some nice recycled vases for the little table decorations and so much more… .and all in the tiny space of the camper ……… I can't wait to get a room for crafting!

We drove down on Friday evening to set everything up and yesterday was the first day of the fair and so far I'm really happy with sales and if Sunday will be as good ... then I'll have a jam packed week ahead of me making all kinds of new things for the next fair at New Ross!


The mix of cold, windy, wet weather usually would make you think there’s no way to get some amazing views …… ..but Mother Nature always reminds you of what she’s capable of 😉

Coming to the end

We're still wrestling and not giving up hope that we'll spend Christmas in the house ... but there's still a lot to do, so we'll see.

Because of all of the upcoming work, we'll have to skip another week of writing a blog blog

Never the less from us to you a wonderful 1. Advent which we hope you'll spend with family and friends… and if you're in the area and don't know what to do today …… we're going to be at the Lunenburg Christmas Crafts Fair all day 😉

Take care and only the best from us to you 🙂!

German version

02nd Dec. 2018-We wish you a nice 1st Advent!

Hello everyone 🙂

Incredible but true .... it's December !!! How could that happen ?!

You probably feel the same way and you still have a lot to do before the man with the white beard and his four-legged friends come over for a stop ... so we'll make it really short today ...


No, we haven't moved in yet, but the rig plates in the house and the connecting building are filled and sanded, Frank has already applied the primer for the most part, then just sand it off again, paint it and then the walls are finally finished!

And here ... you notice a difference ...

Yes ... the metal strips and rain gutters are on and already doing their job 🙂!

Next week we can pick up our wooden floor and see when we can start laying it.

But, for the moment we're pretty happy with what we've done ... especially because I was more busy preparing for the Christmas market 😉

Lunenburg Christmas market

There was really still a lot to prepare and Frank was also busy building new displays, while I was between soap and candle making, cooking wreaths, toffees and decorating recycled glasses to make small table settings ... and all of this in the smallest of spaces Caravan ... I can't wait to have a craft room someday 😉

Well, on Friday we went to Lunenburg in the evening and yesterday was the first day of sales and it went really well! Today then pull through again and it looks like the coming week will be full steam again, so that the table for the next market in New Ross is full again 😉


With the mish-mash of cold, windy and wet weather, you shouldn't believe that something nice can come out of it ... ..but, Mother Nature reminds you again and again of what she can do 😉

We come to the end

Faith is known to die last and so we continue to hope that we can put up a Christmas tree in the house ...... but we have to wait a little longer.

Since the coming week is again more than packed with work and the market on the weekend, we will unfortunately have to give you another week until the next blog 😦

Nevertheless, today we wish you a peaceful 1st Advent with your loved ones and only the best of us to you ..

Your restless roots troop 🙂

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