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Fire Breath - Find all 3 words quickly - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The fire breath is one of my favorite screams in Skyrim, not quite as funny as the ice breath, but all the more practical as a finisher when the annoying magician barely survived the arrow. In this guide, I'll show you where you can get all three words of power as quickly as possible!

What are screams and where do you get them?

If you're new to the world of Skyrim, here's a little explanation!
The fire breath is a so-called dragon scream, or thu’um, for the nerds.

These screams are a main part of the combat system in Skyrim and offer a lot of fresh air in combat, the fire breath, for example, sizzles opponents alive, somewhat like a fire spell. Screams do not use magicka to work, but only a kind of cooldown, which you can see above (or below in Skyrim VR) in the compass bar (the small white edges after the effect show the cool down)

Screams themselves consist (in most cases) of three words of power, you get these words when you stand in front of dragon shrines in certain dungeons, sometimes outside, and examine the glowing inscription with the character. And don't worry if you think you might miss the screams of kites, the game is pretty good at letting you know when you're in close proximity.

Means, to get the breath of fire, you have to find three different screams at three different locations (but luckily this guide is there for that)

Use and unlock screams

To use screams, you need to have invested a little in the main story (only 1-2 hours) and have gotten to a point where your character is actively being asked to scream.

In order to equip these screams and to activate them at all (yes, they are unfortunately not free) you have to go to the submenu "Screams" which is located in the magic menu. A scream (if available) is either grayed out or displayed in white and can therefore be equipped. To activate a dragon scream, you need dragon souls in Skyrim, which you get from killing dragons.

How to activate it exactly is shown at the bottom right of the menu (sorry, I forget keys very quickly) this then consumes a dragon soul and activates a word of power, so you need three dragon souls for a full scream!

Now that we all know how screams work, we come to the locations of the three words for the breath of fire!

Fire Breath "Fire" to find the first word of power

First you end up in the Dustman's Grave, this is a small Draugr ruin which you can only enter with one of the first quests of the companions, just go to the upper district of Whiterun, right into the large warrior building, and in the basement with the man on Talking at the table, this is how the companion's questline starts.

Fire breath "Inferno" find the second word of power

The second thing I recommend you visit is the Splitstone Gorge, which is located southeast of Rorikstatt. You don't need to do a quest for this scream, the cave is open to anyone who can kill the necromancer at the entrance!

Fire breath "sun" find the third word of power

Level 3 is a little more caustic, you only get this if you are already quite advanced in the main story, and the first time you go to the leader of the Greybeards, who lives at the top of the neck of the world, you have not yet had the quest , there is an insurmountable smoke screen at the entrance to the mountain peak, what a shame.

Anyone who has already researched Skyrim diligently may know that the PC version has the option of calling up a console window with which you can do a lot, including unlocking things and cheating items.

Can you cheat the scream with an ID?

You can actually cheat screams in order not to report too long about it, to unlock the words of the fire breath, simply enter the following into the console (you open it with the "^" key, for me it is directly under ESC):

player.teachword 20E17 after that player.teachword 20E18 after that player.teachword 20E19
You have already unlocked all three words of Fire Breath, now you only need a few Dragon Souls.

Cheat Dragon Souls via Console ID

You can get dragon souls very easily via the console, just enter the following: "player.modav dragonsouls (number)", e.g. "player.modav dragonsouls 15" you have already received 15 new dragon souls.

We hope this guide to “Skyrim Dragon Free Fire Breath Find All Three Words” has helped you!