Sabaton, for whom the bell rings

Sabaton: New single out this month

The year 2020 ended Sabaton with wonderful plans for 2021, because the Swedes promised new music. But we never thought that we could count on it so quickly, because we will be able to enjoy a new track this month.

The new single called "Livgardet" heralds the extension of the contract with Nuclear Blast Records. The band has been under contract with the label since 2010 and the release of “Coat of Arms” in the same year.

Sabaton announce their new single "Livgardet"

The track in honor of the Swedish Royal Guard will appear on February 26, 2021. Bassist and band manager Pär Sundström said:

"It feels good to continue our collaboration with the world's biggest heavy metal label, Nuclear Blast. We have been working with Nuclear Blast for more than a decade, and at the end of last year, we signed the contract for the upcoming releases, and we will continue to write metal history together. "

So: Mark the day in bold and bold in the calendar!

It is not yet clear whether we will have a new album in store. The current record "The Great War" from 2019 marks the ninth studio album by Sabaton. At the beginning of the year they could still be seen live in Germany on a major headlining tour with the songs from the new album in their luggage.

In the summer they also made the Wacken World Wide unsafe with a virtual appearance. When we will be able to experience the Swedes in person again, it has not yet been determined due to the corona.

Credit: Sabaton / Official Press Photo