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Shadowlands pre-patch

Patch 8.2 Azshara's Rise brings Mechagon into play as a new zone in addition to Nazjatar. The island is being discovered by hard-working tinkerers and can also be explored by you after the release of the content update. In this area there are endless secrets to solve, treasure to be found, rare enemies to defeat and rewards to unlock. Unlike Nazjatar, which is mainly about the story of the Naga and Azshara.

We introduce you to Mechagon as a new area in this overview. You will learn how to unlock the island, what tasks await you there and what you can unlock. From the giant Pascal K1N6 robot to the X-995 mechano cat and mech motorcycles. There's a lot for hunters and gatherers on Mechagon!

This is how you get to Mechagon

To get to Mechagon, you first have to go to Nazjatar. So you can't go to Mechagon right away. Unlocks the main camp in Nazjatar. After logging in for the first time after the patch is released, you will receive an automatic quest that will take you to the kingdom of Azshara. There you play the first quests until you have unlocked the Alliance or Horde camp. Only then are you allowed to go to Mechagon.

  • Play the Nazjatar introductory quests.
  • Pay a visit to Magni in Silithus for the "Essential Empowerment" quest, which you can get in your main camp in Nazjatar.
  • Then it goes back to Nazjatar. Continue playing the quest chain until you get the task "A worthy ally" (Alliance) / "Become friends" (Horde).
  • Now, as an Alliance player in Boralus or as a Horde player in Dazar’alor, you will receive the quest "The Legend of Mechagon" (next to the flight master).
  • Travel to the abandoned junkyard in Tiragardesund and meet the top tinkerer.
  • Complete the quest line that sends you to Mechagon.

Have you done the introductory quests, you have arrived on the forgotten island. Now you do a few tasks for Prince Erazmin. This leads the rebellion against King Mechagon. He wants to remove the curse of the flesh from all people, dwarfs and gnomes. In this way all inhabitants would become mechanical creatures, which should be prevented. The Mechagnome, who opposed the King, have built their base on Mechagon: The Rustbolt.

From the Rustbolt you can explore the island and get to know the people of Mechagon. You do tasks for the prince and explore the technical advances that they have nonetheless taken with them.

Megadungeon Operation: Mechagon

The Mechagnome rebellion against King Mechagon takes place on Mechagon. Led by Prince Erazmin, the king's son, you try to thwart the tyrant's plans to turn all of Azeroth's inhabitants into robots. The battle against the king takes place in the megadungeon Operation: Mechagon. This is the new 5-player instance that you can find on the island.

You can find the entrance in Rustbolt on Mechagon. As soon as you have unlocked the base, you can enter the dungeon. There are eight different bosses in total:

  • King Gobbamak
  • Trixie and Naeno
  • Flying Suppression Unit JK-8
  • Smear
  • Whipping armor
  • K.U.-J.0.
  • The machinist's garden
  • King Mechagon

Operation: Mechagon is divided into different sub-zones. You start on an identical version of the island of Mechagon, where you meet the first four bosses. Then it goes underground and to the next four bosses. The dungeon is packed with jump'n'run games and various traps. For example, you have to defeat the flying suppression unit to even open the gate to the king's fortress. But to do that, you have to find and activate various energy nodes in the junkyard.

Loot in Operation: Mechagon

With a bit of luck, you will receive some cool loot in Operation: Mechagon. Among other things, there are rings that you can combine with each other and then grant you special effects. These are the logic guide rings and bit bands.

Furthermore, the bosses drop punch cards that you can insert into your pocket-sized computing device. Those cards have item level 415 in the mythical mode. With a little luck you will get the Mechagon Peacekeeper or the R-21 / X air unit as a mount or one of the new pets from one of the bosses. The essence vision of perfection is dropped on the final boss. If you combine four progression gears, you get the third rank of the essence.

Activation of the dungeon

You can enter Operation: Mechagon immediately after unlocking Rustbolt. However, the dungeon won't be released until two weeks after the release of Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara. So with the start of the third season. Only then can you go to the mega dungeon and get some nice loot from it.

For the time being, the instance is only available in mythical mode and has its own lockout. In patch 8.3 it will then be split into two parts so that it will also be available in the other difficulty modes as well as in the M + mode.

Junkyard tinkering for everyone

Have you discovered Mechagon and done the first quests, you will find the robot Pascal-K1N6. You free him from his predicament and he can then be found in the city of Rustbolt. He offers you all kinds of objects, which he makes for you. All you have to do is bring him the right materials. Of course, Pascal also needs the corresponding construction plans. You can find these during your travels on Mechagon and you can easily teach them to the robot.

Pascal-K1N6 makes all kinds of useful things for you. From pets, to various grenades and bombs, pieces of equipment, toys and gimmick items, to the cool mount Mechanocat X-995.

The meta-success "Mecha success"

There are tons of things to do on Mechagon. You can discover something new everywhere, find rare opponents, collect materials and loot treasures. There are bigger events that have to be done by several players to solve puzzles and also unlock a big meta-achievement. It is about the success "Mecha success". If you complete this, you will receive the key to the Model W as a reward - a mech motorcycle.

In total, you complete ten different individual successes for mecha success. How this works exactly, we will show you in his separate article.

Improve jewelry with punch cards

During one of the first quests in Rustbolt you will receive a piece of jewelery with item level 400: the pocket-sized calculator. You can improve this yourself with punch cards and add individual effects. The task that you have to do is called "upgraded" and you get it from Christy Schlagbolz, the upgrade specialist. Then it’s time to find the right punch cards. With this you push the calculator in pocket size up to level 420.

In its basic stage, the computing device has no attributes of its own. But there are three plinths available for this. Punch cards in red, yellow and blue fit into these. These then increase the secondary values ​​of your character, give the piece of jewelry additional properties (e.g. additional healing or damage) or useful effects (e.g. immunity to annoying effects).

Here are a few examples of the punch cards:

Daily visitors give interesting assignments

Mechagon is all about discovery. You will be sent into an area that is full of enemies, treasures and new things. That's why there are so few quests to do in Rustbolt once you've completed all of the introductory tasks. This is different in Nazjatar, where you get daily quests, for example to get mana pearls and reputation. You won't find world quests in Mechagon either, because there is only one: kill three rare enemies or open a certain number of treasure chests.

On Mechagon, once you have completed the main tasks, you mainly get quests from the daily visitors. There are a total of 32 visitors who appear at different locations in Rostbolzen and the surrounding area. They then ask you to do certain things, such as connecting power cables in the junkyard.

Unlock daily visitors

In order to lure the daily visitors to Mechagon at all, you have to build the Rustbolt Inn. For this you have to bring the blueprint: Rustbolt dispenser to Pascal-K1N6. You can find this blueprint at the rare enemy Sea Spit in the west of Mechagon.

Build constructions and get support

If you are on the Mechagon, you will find certain constructions from time to time. You can build this up with the help of spare parts and energy cells. These are opportunities to build something together in Mechagon. If you find one of the broken devices, you can assemble it together with other players. Like the buildings on the war fronts. You can also build some constructions on your own. But for larger projects you need several players.

There are only two specific projects available per day. To find out which ones are available on a day, talk to the Gnomin Waren piston heart, who is very familiar with all the constructions. It also explains to you that the locations of the devices change during the day. With the help of the right tools, you can even extend the runtime that a construction has when it has been completed. In general, you can see on the robot's buff bar how long it will last.

There are five different constructions on Mechagon:

  • drilling machine: Opens locked caves in which rare enemies, treasure chests and other things can be found.
  • Recovery tower: Attracts enemies and starts a public event. You shouldn't tackle this alone, because the opponents are getting stronger and stronger and will kill you with a high probability!
  • Rustbolt's Arsenal: Get a random weapon that gives you a special ability. The anti-gravity backpack lets you fly if you have not yet activated your flight license.
  • Flame cannon: Deal damage to nearby enemies.
  • Charging station: Charges empty energy cells and converts them into energy cells.

Self-made Mechaspider - Quest series by Römms

In Rostbolzen there is Recycler Römms, whom you should help with some tasks. Once you have completed all quests, you will receive the scrap-forged mech spider mount as a reward. You repair this through the individual tasks that the gnome gives you.

The repair of the mech spider takes 12 days. It is possible to complete one of the quests per day. The first task will be available immediately after completing the Mechagon introductory quests. If you want to get the spider as quickly as possible, you should also start directly with the Romans quest series. At the end you will also get the achievement "A self-made mount".

And much, much more!

That's not all that awaits you on Mechagon. For example, there are a number of other achievements that deal with collecting and finding things. Among other things, you can collect and set up 14 Azerothminis, which grants the achievement "In the collecting fever". There is a secret fishing success "The secret fish of Mechagon", for which you can first go fishing.

In a grotto in the northwest of the island you will find a treasure chest, which is only active when Mechagnom Bondo has started the event. It is a fight like in the arena of Stranglethorn. Only the strongest wins and takes the loot home! There are also tons of new pets to catch, new pet challenges and of course new companions for the hunters among you.

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