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Makita DHP482Z test and cordless impact drill experiences

Makita DHP482Z review: In typical Makita fashion, there are not just one or two versions of the 18V cordless hammer drill with 13mm chuck, but a bewildering sixteen models divided into two main groups:

  • brushed and brushless motors
  • Hammer and not hammer
  • and yet another grouping for different torque outputs.

The sub-models include a 2-pole motor with brushes and a 1/4-inch hex chuck.

How is the quality of the Makita DHP482Z cordless hammer drill?

However, the most popular example in this bundle is the Makita DHP482, a hammer drill with a brushed four-pole motor that, thanks to its two-speed gearbox with a maximum speed of 1,900 rpm at 28,500 rpm in high-speed mode with a clutch position with 21 torques, produces a versatile torque of 62/36 Nm delivers.

The 13 mm drill head of the DHP482 is also suitable for drilling in wood, metal, masonry or concrete and is able to clamp 2 mm drill bits up to 13 mm in concrete and metal and up to 38 mm in wood.

The 13mm keyless chuck also clamps with a firm click, indicating the bits are already locked, while the clutch makes a quiet, inaudible click as it goes through the specified odd numbers on the fret from 1 to 21. The dial for the secondary mode has an audible click between the hammer, drill and screw functions.

The clutch on the DHP482 is also very light, while "5" or "6" on other brands would be sufficient if you upgrade it to "8" or "9" to ensure it doesn't slip too quickly. We liked the lightweight coupling because it prevents the bolt from either slipping away (if you're using a Philipsbit) or ending on metal with stripped threads (if you're using a socket adapter).

How is the safety with this cordless screwdriver?

What we really appreciate about the DHP482 immediately after unpacking is its rubber construction, which offers a comfortable grip and protects the tool from knocks during daily grinding. We are quite impressed with the two LED work lights on the DHP482, which provide excellent illumination of the immediate work area.

In addition, the LEDs are automatically dimmed 10 seconds after the trigger is triggered. In addition, you can lightly press the trigger to activate the preheat function and briefly illuminate your work area.

What is the Z all about?

The DHP482Z (the “Z” stands for “tool only”) weighs just under 1.2 kg, and when used with a Makita 18V 3.0Ah lithium-ion pack, the DHP482 weighs around 1.8 kg. Part of the weight is also due to the all-metal gear of the DHP482, which promises additional durability compared to non-metal gears.

The DHP482 is also blessed with Makita's Extreme Protection Technology (XPT), which makes the tool more resistant to dust and water ingress under the harsh conditions of the construction site. According to Makita, the XPT is a protective seal inside the tool itself that protects against dust and dripping water by removing water and dust from the drill's key internal components, making it as suitable for outdoor use as it is in harsh environments.

The DHP482 normally makes a humming noise when in use, but it is exceptionally quiet even in percussion drilling / drilling mode. However, we have found that the air exiting the DHP482 tends to run hot, especially in low-speed or low-speed applications. Makita claims this is perfectly normal as it is due to the fan being more efficient in sucking the hot air out of the engine.

Speaking of overheating, we also ran a simulated water drop test in the ports and the DHP482 doesn't seem to be affected by the water drops. The DHP482 is water and dust resistant, but the battery is not. However, Makita offers an optional battery protection as additional protection against the ingress of dust and water.

Conclusion on Makita DHP482Z

All in all, the Makita DHP482Z does everything it says on the box and would make an excellent cordless impact drill in any tool box. Our only point of criticism is the higher price compared to the competition.

Unless you already have an existing Makita 18V ecosystem, it would be wiser to buy kits like the Makita DHP482RFE, which comes with two 3.0Ah batteries and a quick charger.

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Makita DHP482Z impact drill 18 V (without battery, without charger), blue, silver, small
  • Deep discharge protection. The device switches off automatically when the battery is almost empty.
  • Delivery in a box without battery, without charger, without case
  • 2-speed full metal planetary gear

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More about Makita DHP482Z

How does a cordless screwdriver work?

Wireless percussion bits are extremely helpful in making a purchase decision in several ways. Tests with cordless impact drills make it plausible to what extent it is worthwhile to buy the Makita DHP482Z or not. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the advertising to investigate the extent to which Makita DHP 482 is interesting. In addition, the ratings in the product tests do not come from manufacturers, but from customers.

The comparisons of Makita DHP 482 are often different, which is why it makes sense to check at least two comparison results. After all, product comparisons are sufficient as a decision-making aid to protect yourself against bad purchases. First and foremost, this is true when you buy high quality cordless impact drills.

How to buy a suitable Makita DHP482Z!

A buyer looking for a defined Makita DHP482Z doesn't always have it easy. It is important that you do not make this product selection hastily, otherwise you can confidently read up on the Makita DHP482Z to find interesting cordless impact drills. In this case, shopping online for the first time can be of great help. As soon as you want to find out quickly which online department stores Makita DHP 482 is available, use Google for this most trusted Google and search for Makita cordless screwdrivers.

In this way, you can also determine more precise product details about Makita DHP482Z and the corresponding purchase price. However, research in the retail sector is not nearly as simple, takes several times longer, and does not always result in an excellent rating. That is why those who have very precise ideas should do some research on the Internet. In addition, alternative information, such as expert reports, is displayed on the Internet, which makes the decision even easier.

Stiftung Warentest and the test results for Makita DHP482Z!

As an objective product testing institute, Stiftung Warentest tests various cordless impact drills. Wherever different consumers use the Stiftung Warentest rating for their product selection, the results of these comparisons are of great importance for branded companies.

The Stiftung Warentest itself certainly does not carry out many product comparisons. As an alternative to this, Stiftung Warentest transfers the task of product testing to a number of independent testing institutes. In the end, the evaluation by Stiftung Warentest is the average value from the judgments of some institutes. In principle, this strategy leads to a completely impartial and informative test result.

The result of the Stiftung Warentest should certainly not be the only one, because it is often criticized. A consumer wanting to be sure that they are purchasing excellent cordless impact drills should check out other Makita DHP482Z product comparisons and customer reviews.

Enormous quality of cordless impact drills despite their low price

Just if Makita DHP 482 is affordable doesn't it have to be miserable. On the one hand, the market value of a product depends not only on the quality, but also on the brand. In addition, the same value is not always assumed to be necessary. For example, if you want to buy brand-new cordless hammer drills, it is crucial whether you want to use them unusually often, i.e. in everyday life, or only on exceptional occasions and over time, use them significantly less.

Cordless impact drills that are not of high quality but are rarely used have a longer lifespan and are therefore not a mistake to make when buying. In the case of machine tools, on the other hand, the different product performance often determines a sales price. The question arises as to whether you need these product features. If they are not needed at all, even a cheap Makita DHP482Z will do.

What is the Makita DHP482Z Money Back Product Guarantee?

Most of the time, there is no legal money-back product guarantee when buying cordless hammer drills. If a Makita DHP 482 does not run as expected, the product manufacturer can only be asked to repair or replace the cordless screwdriver. However, in order to benefit from this option, a certain initial equipment must fit.

However, the manufacturer of the Makita DHP482Z is ​​not obliged to refund or exchange the Makita DHP 482. Currently, the “money back guarantee” slogan is widely used as a promotional tool and attracts many buyers. It is the really demanding offer, because this guarantee is obviously a big plus for the customers.

If the money-back product guarantee is clearly mentioned at the time of purchase of the Makita DHP482Z, the buyer can of course also make use of this claim. However, if the manufacturer does not advertise the money-back guarantee under any circumstances and this is not expressly mentioned in the sales contract, the manufacturer does not have to release the amount under any circumstances.

Who will benefit most from buying Makita DHP482Z on Ebay.de?

Buying the Makita DHP482Z from the online Ebay department store is almost always an ideal experience. One of the proven biggest advantages is the large selection of cordless screwdrivers. Thanks to the many search options, the buyer can quickly find profitable cordless screwdrivers.

The Ebay online shop is known for its various bargains. One reason for this is that many cordless screwdrivers are not sold as original packaging in the eBay shop, so the purchase price differs from that of new products. Ebay also offers unused cordless screwdrivers, which are nowhere near as cheap as in comparable online shops.

Many people are occasionally confused about the authenticity of the shopkeepers in the online department store eBay. Ebay therefore offers numerous advantages, so that the purchase of Makita DHP482Z is ​​always worthwhile.

Makita DHP482Z purchase criteria: How the online shop for cordless screwdrivers works

Online shopping is a very easy and quick way of shopping. Many customers have a huge selection of products. In addition, wireless screwdrivers can be quickly and easily explored on the Internet. On the one hand, the wireless screwdrivers are easy to find on Google. On the other hand, every online shop usually has a search function.

In this way, the consumer not only receives information about where Makita DHP482Z is ​​available, but often also receives information about the prices delivered, etc. Once the customer has decided to buy wireless screwdrivers in an Internet shop, all he needs is enter your data and Makita DHP 482 will shortly be on the way to the order address. If the Makita DHP482Z does not meet expectations, the cordless screwdriver can be returned within the set period, so that there is no danger.

Video of the Makita DHP 482 test

Technical data: Makita DHP482Z

Best seller: Makita DHP482Z

OfferBestseller No. 1
Makita DHP482Z impact drill 18 V (without battery, without charger), blue, silver, small
  • Deep discharge protection. The device switches off automatically when the battery is almost empty.
  • Delivery in a box without battery, without charger, without case
  • 2-speed full metal planetary gear
# 2 best seller
Makita DHP482Z LXT 18 V combination drill with 1 x 5.0 Ah battery, charger, case & insert, 18 V.
  • Makita DHP482Z LXT combi drill, 18 V, incl. 1 x 5.0 Ah battery, charger, case and insert
OfferBestseller No. 8
Makita DDF482Z drill / driver 18.0 V (without battery, without charger), 18 V, black, blue
  • Delivery in a box without battery, without charger, without case
  • 2-speed full metal planetary gear
  • Torque adjustable in 21 steps

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