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Baking frozen rolls: what are the options?

To ensure that the rolls are particularly fresh, fluffy and tasty after thawing, a few things should be observed when freezing the rolls. The basic rule is that the fresher they are before freezing, the better they'll taste again after thawing. Buns that have already hardened should not be frozen as they will no longer taste good even after thawing.

Bread rolls that have already been frozen and thawed again should not be frozen a second time. When thawing, they usually burst open, become too hard or no longer taste good because they have dried out.

Baking frozen buns: basic information

Bags with a closure are very practical for freezing bread rolls, as they are very airtight. Basically, the less air that is trapped in the freezing process, the fresher the rolls stay. If possible, a vacuum can also be created. This keeps them extra juicy. Even rolls that have already been cut can be frozen again without any problems. Whether divided or in one piece, both variants taste the same when thawed.

It is best not to freeze bread rolls in lunch boxes. These are often air-permeable and allow them to dry out faster. In addition, they do not last that long in lunch boxes. Incidentally, bread rolls keep their taste in the freezer for four to twelve weeks. The rule is that the earlier they are thawed again, the better the taste.

Bake in the oven

The big danger when baking rolls in the oven is that they can get too dry. But this can be avoided with small, simple tips. Before they go into the oven, it should be preheated to 180 degrees. Top and bottom heat should be used as the baking program, as this ensures that both sides are crispy. Meanwhile, the rolls are coated with water. This makes them nice and crispy and prevents them from becoming too hard or too dry after baking. Another tip is to put a small bowl of water in the oven as well. This keeps the air nice and moist and makes the rolls soft and fresh.

A little hint: If you regularly bake bread rolls in the oven, you should think about buying a mini oven. These are relatively cheap to buy and also have far lower costs in use than a normal oven. Bread rolls can be baked very quickly in the mini oven. Since it is much smaller, it also gets hot faster.

Bake frozen rolls in the microwave

In addition to the option of baking the frozen rolls in the oven, they can also be baked very conveniently in the microwave. For this, however, the microwave must have a so-called hot air function. The rolls should be moistened in the microwave before baking, otherwise they can dry out. The microwave should be set to the highest level. They are ready to bake in just one or two minutes.

Bread rolls should be eaten immediately after baking, otherwise they can become too hard. To prevent them from becoming too dry or too hard, they should always be heated in short periods of time. If the highest level of the microwave is used, a check should be made every twenty seconds to see how far the rolls have already thawed.

This is how it works in the toaster

Bread rolls can also be baked in the toaster without any problems. To do this, they are first left to thaw a little. Then you cut it in half. Both halves are brushed with water so that they do not burn from the hot air of the toaster. The inner sides of the rolls are also brushed with water. The toaster is set to the hottest setting. The rolls are placed directly on the slot, but never put in the toaster. The evaporated water gently warms them up. The baking time depends on how crispy you would like to eat it.

More tips for baking

It is also best to put a date on the frozen rolls. This allows you to determine exactly how long they have been frozen. Frozen rolls can be kept for up to six months, but they lose their taste and aroma after just one month, which is why they should only be frozen for a short time.