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  • Speckle - Tupfen… German dictionary

  • Dab - and dots, verb. regul. act. & neutr. in the latter case with the auxiliary word have, stab or touch with the tip of a thing. Dabbing, dabbing and dabbing, which are seldom heard in High German, are not exactly the same ... ... a grammatical-critical dictionary of the High German dialect

  • Speckle - Slightly bump Vsw, touch ext. style. (9th century), mhd. Dab, ahd. Dab root word. In terms of form, the word belongs to ae. dyppan immerse (to baptize further and deep), rather dabbing by meaning. Presumably has a contact between ... ... Etymological dictionary of the German language

  • Speckle - »wet, sprinkle; lightly bump ": The westgerm. Verb ahd. Dab, Dutch dipping, engl. to dip belongs to the north. Kinship from swed. Doppa »‹ein› dive, tunken« to the group of words dealt with in depth under ↑ and therefore actually means…… the dictionary of origin

  • Speckle - Dab, with a ball of dab, mostly made of canvas or leather, remove a liquid from a level by gradually pushing ... Pierer's Universal Lexicon

  • Speckle - (Dupfen), see Vogelsang… Meyer's Large Conversation Lexicon

  • Speckle - V. (upper level) lightly touching somebody or something with the fingertip Synonym: tap Example: During the ceremony, the knight was dabbed on the shoulder with a sword ... Extreme German

  • Speckle - Speckle; dabbed, dabbed; [Vt] 1 dab something on something (Akk) usually bring a liquid to a spot by touching it lightly several times: dab iodine on the wound 2 (someone / oneself) dab something of something ... Langenscheidt Großwortbuch Deutsch als foreign language

  • Speckle - the polka dot, (upper level) small, roundish spot Synonyms: dot, dot (chen) Example: He was wearing a white shirt with black polka dots ... Extreme German

  • Speckle - spot, point, speckle, dot [small]; (coll.): Sprengsel. * * * tupfen: ⇨tüpfeln TupfenPunkt, Sprenkel, Tüpfel ... The dictionary of synonyms