What does an application for annulment mean?

Annulment of the court date

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Dear questioner,

I would like to answer your request on the basis of the information provided as follows:

The appointment was canceled - at the request of the defendant's representative, so you do not need to appear on this appointment.

A four-time relocation is rather rare.

An appointment can only be canceled and rescheduled for significant reasons.

Illness, stay abroad or vacation-related absence - if long-term planning or postponement is unreasonable for other reasons - unintentional difficulties on arrival, observance of religious holidays, family celebrations, death in the family, other personal obstacles are recognized as obstacles.

If necessary, the rescheduling should be checked accordingly.

I hope that I have answered your question in an understandable way and thank you for the trust you have placed in us. If you have any questions, you can use the free inquiry function.

With best regards
Daniel Hesterberg, lawyer

Attorney Daniel Hesterberg

Inquiry from the questioner16.03.2013 | 19:13

Hello. So that means that the trial will take place later? There was no new date mentioned as before, but only "canceled". Thank you very much and a nice one to you too

Answer to the question from the lawyer16.03.2013 | 20:03

Dear & lpar; r & rpar; Those seeking advice & lpar; r & rpar ;,

Thank you for your question, which I am happy to answer as follows:

Yeah right. Usually the court order states that a new date will be determined ex officio. But you can inquire about this by phone.

I hope that I have helped you further and I wish you a nice day.

With best regards

Daniel Hesterberg