Minecraft how to tp to the dead center

Command / teleport

Single player Yes
Multiplayer Yes
Cheat Yes 2
Command block Yes

The command / teleport teleports the object to the target.

Syntax [edit]

  • Destination corresponds to the table option
Selector place
  • Selector is the name of a player or a target selection. A creature, a vehicle, a drop or another object can also be teleported via the target selection @e.
  • place corresponds to the table option:
  • As Selector the name of a player or a target selection can be specified. Only one object can be selected as a selector, for example with or.
position Viewpoint
  • position are the coordinatesx y z of a target point
  • Viewpoint corresponds to the table option:
facing Look
  • Look corresponds to the table option:
entity Selector Body area
  • Selector corresponds to the player or target selection to be viewed
  • Body area corresponds to the table option:
  • Alignment takes place at eye level of the object
  • The object is aligned at foot height
  • On position is aligned
Rotation head tilt
  • The rotation indicates the direction in which one should look: 0 = south, 90 = west, 180 or -180 = north, -90 = east. Any angle between -180 and 180 degrees is possible. Other values ​​are automatically transformed into this area. The current angle can be read in the debug screen () at the end of "Facing".
  • Values ​​for Head tilt: 0 = straight ahead, 90 = on the ground, -90 = in the sky. Any angle between -90 and 90 degrees is possible. Other values ​​are automatically transformed into this area.
  • The performer will be at the specified coordinatesx y z teleported.
You can use the fast coordinate input for absolute coordinates. If you want to teleport exactly to the center of a block surface, you have to add 0.5 to the X and Z coordinates and 0.0 for the Y coordinate. If you leave out the decimal places, 0.5 is automatically added. With the height Y, this means that the object will land half a block higher than specified without specifying a decimal place. For X and Z the maximum is ± 29,999,999, because from 30,000,000 the world barrier that encloses the world begins. For Y the maximum is ± 4096. From a Y value of minus 65 objects - even in creative mode - immediately take a lot of damage and die or are deleted. An exception would be, for example, if the player gives himself a resistance effect of 5 or higher, then he will never die.
If a "~" is written in front of a coordinate or an angle of rotation, the value is not absolute, but relative, with the location ~0 ~0 ~0 With ~ ~ ~ can be abbreviated.
To enter a command, see Command # Enter.

Properties [edit]

The object can be damaged while teleporting, e.g. if it falls from a great height, lands in deep water or in lava. If the object lands in a position with solid blocks, it will automatically try to get outside after teleportation, if this is possible with one block away. Otherwise it will get stuck in the solid blocks. Players can dig out, but take damage because they are only stuck in the solid blocks. The moving speed of the object (if it is teleported while moving) and the viewing direction remain unchanged by the teleportation. Teleportation is possible to all positions within the Oberwelt, Nether and Ende. A change of dimension is not directly possible by teleportation, it has to be done by command. Places where no one has been before are generated, which means that landing can take a few seconds.

Examples [edit]

teleports you to oyo123 yourself. When oyo123 carries out this command, it will be teleported to itself.

teleports you 20 blocks south.

teleports itself to the coordinates (10, 70, 3) in the Nether (see command)

teleports you to the position 100.5 / 260.5 / -49.5, whereby you do not take any fall damage in creative mode despite the height 260 and down to the desired position
Position falls without having to know at which level the earth's surface begins (which can be a maximum of 255 in the mountains or in built-up areas).

lets you look straight ahead (0 degrees head tilt) to the west (90 degrees) without changing your current position (~ ~ ~).

teleports a player to position 100.5 / 65.0 / -50.5.

teleports a random player into the void, 10 blocks under the bedrock.

teleports all chickens within 50 blocks of the command source 20 blocks over the command source.

Executes a teleport command for all chickens within 50 blocks, which sends the closest chicken to the command source (= the executing chicken)
Teleported 20 blocks over the position of the command source (= the executing chicken). In other words: every chicken within 50 meters will be teleported 20 blocks higher (see command).

teleports the player "oyo123" to the player "yoyo".

teleports you to the nearest cow that is within the specified 10-block radius. If you omit, there is an error message.

teleports all objects two blocks higher.

lets all players with the tag "spawn" look to the next player.

History [edit]

Version history of the Java Edition
  • Multiplayer mode added for the first variant of Minecraft (creative mode)
  • The / teleport command is added
  • The command / teleport can also be entered shorter than / tp
  • Multiplayer mode added for the second variant of Minecraft (survival mode)
  • The command / tp is accepted, the longer notation / teleport is not
  • The command / tp is extended, it teleports any player
Full version 1.3.1
  • The / tp command is available in single player mode
  • The / tp command accepts coordinates as a destination
  • A maximum of ± 30,000,000 can be entered for X and Z coordinates
Full version 1.4.2
  • For X and Z coordinates, the maximum that can be entered is ± 29,999,999
Full version 1.8(14w03a)
  • Coordinate information may also be relative, so you enter tildes for the coordinates
  • Relative and absolute coordinates may be mixed
Full version 1.9.3(1.9.3-pre1)
  • Any Y coordinates are no longer possible, the maximum permitted is ± 512
Full version 1.10
  • The maximum permitted for Y coordinates is changed to ± 4096
  • Relative coordinates are relative to the command source, not the teleporting object
  • The / tp command works again as it did before 16w21b
  • Instead, there is the / teleport command, which teleports relative to the command source
Full version 1.13
  • The properties of / tp are integrated in / teleport, but the command source is always the executor
  • / tp is an alias of / teleport
  • Any value can be entered as the maximum for X and Z coordinates, but values ​​over ± 29,999,999 are automatically set to ± 29,999,999
  • Any value can be entered for Y coordinates
  • For coordinate information, circumflexes can also be entered for the viewing direction
  • Direction of view information must not be mixed with relative or absolute coordinate information
  • The parameter for aligning the viewing direction to an object or a position is added
  • The / teleport command has been extensively revised and behaves a little differently
  • The parameter can now also direct the gaze to the eyes or feet of an object
  • The coordinates that the command displays can be clicked, which inserts the command / teleport with filled in coordinates into the chat
  • The current position can be accessed with +. If you insert them into the chat, you will receive a teleport command to the saved position.