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Whether it's a job, aptitude test, job interview or a conversation at a party: Here you will find everything you need to shine with your knowledge in every situation.

What is general education anyway?

General education helps you look good in any situation. Regardless of whether a simple question is asked, a knowledge test is due or your own general knowledge in a quiz is queried. Often you will be faced with questions that make you think: I ought to know! Because even children in school can answer many questions.

However, this is not surprising, because the generic term for all schools that do not end with a vocational qualification is General secondary school. Here, all students should get the most comprehensive general knowledge possible in different categories. Therefore, the following subjects are taught:

  • German
  • foreign languages
  • mathematics
  • biology
  • Geography / Earth Sciences
  • physics
  • chemistry
  • history
  • Music, art and arts education
  • Ethic religion
  • Social studies, social studies, political classes, social studies
  • Sports

So if you paid attention at school, you can probably answer many questions in one General knowledge test give the correct answer. But it certainly doesn't hurt to pick up a book from time to time or to listen carefully to topics related to politics and economics. There is also our free online knowledge test to train and to build up a lot of general knowledge.

What do I have to know?

In principle, general knowledge can be learned. It is important to have a good basic knowledge, so this is what you should do yourself deal with the questions in good time. In this way, you can get preference over other applicants in an application process and successfully complete an employment test. Anyone who can give the right answer to such questions shows a great deal of general knowledge and that they are fit for current topics.

You can find out what questions you have to ask in our general knowledge test here. The subsequent categories give you an overview of the categories in which you can expect what. It's definitely worth taking a look.

Does the internet make us dumber?

Many people assume that the internet makes us dumber. Because nowadays we are able in every situation To acquire knowledge and information, we rarely really have to strain our own thinking apparatus. The result: We have less and less general knowledge, although we have much more knowledge available than we did a few decades ago.

However, it depends on how we use the internet for ourselves. Often the hand reaches for the smartphone, but rarely consciously. Start the self-experiment: Make a note of how often you use your smartphone during the day. Then try in the evening to recap what you looked up in the respective situations and what information you came across.

What can we do? Throw away the smartphone? No - but we should try to consume consciously. We can benefit from the Internet and also improve our general knowledge. To do this, however, we also have to perceive the information when we encounter it.

Quoting Google can be elegant, but only if it is done out of the head and not read off!

Is good general knowledge innate?

While it is true that you can acquire a good general knowledge, researchers have also found evidence that a good general knowledge also innate could be.

A team led by the scientist Erhan Genç from the Ruhr University Bochum examined the entire brains of 324 men and women.

A technique was used that allows the team to recognize the course of the nerve fibers in the brain. In addition, all participants had to take a general knowledge test, which consisted of general knowledge questions on various topics. The result: people who did better in the knowledge test had the Brains networked more efficiently on average.

Erhan Genç explains: "We assume that individual pieces of knowledge in the form of partial information are scattered across the entire brain." People with more efficiently networked brains do better in knowledge tests because their brains more easily than the general knowledge that is scattered throughout the brain can retrieve.

How can you train your general knowledge?

As with anything else, the path to better general knowledge is one constant practice. Think of your brain like a muscle that you need to exercise on a daily basis. You can different tricks apply to improve your knowledge.

A start is made if you do it regularly follow the latest from the world. This can of course be done in the classic way via the newspaper, but your smartphone can also help you here. No knowledge test will surprise you and you can be sure that you will know the right solution in a general knowledge test.

If you don't read the newspaper, you still might reach for books. Many questions in the general knowledge quiz relate to both classical and modern literature. In addition to your general knowledge, books also allow you to deepen individual knowledge or areas that are of particular interest to you.

For those who still find this too time-consuming: Also a trip to a foreign country contributes to the expansion of your general knowledge. Discover a new culture and talk to people. These experiences will not only help you in the next test, but will also be enriching for you.

Not only should you be abroad when you are abroad talk to people. A conversation with a person you know or a stranger opens your own horizon and gives you a new perspective on things. Who knows, maybe it's about something that you will come across in our general knowledge test.

Quiz shows or documentaries Watching TV can also help you know better. This is probably the easiest and most of all the most convenient way to learn general knowledge.

But it is also playful: there are already many Apps for your smartphonethat will put your general knowledge to the test. With quiz games you can keep your brain fit and improve your general knowledge. With these quiz games, daily training of your brain is fun and you will keep your entire brain fit.

Last but not least: If all the tips have helped you to improve your general knowledge, you have to get this too! That works best with our general knowledge test, in which you can test yourself in the various categories.

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