Who invented the Stevenson screen plans

Who invented it?

Who actually invented the car? The lightbulb or the jeans we all wear? Many things that we take for granted today didn't just show up.

Smart inventors and engineers are behind it! While many discoveries are the result of teamwork and long evenings in the laboratory, others are the result of happy coincidences.

Who invented it? is an inspiring visual journey through the past that shows how surprising ideas and ingenious ideas paved the way for today's technology, culture and medicine.

Authors: Anne Ameri-Siemens, illustrations by Becky Thorns
Release date: February 2021
Features: full color, hardcover, 96 pages

Anne Ameri-Siemens brings her many years of experience as a journalist and author to her first children's book, in which she tells exciting stories about the development of mankind and the changing world. She writes for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung and SZ-Magazin, among others. With the filming of her Spiegel customer for the RAF, he was the system, for my father she was nominated for the Grimme Prize in 2008.

Becky Thorns is the illustrator of the award-winning Kleine Gestalten bestseller The world of whales