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Child bonus: entitlement, payout, amount

The child bonus is an additional support for families in the Corona crisis. Find out whether you are entitled and how the child bonus is paid out.

This special page relates to the current child bonus for the year 2021. Information on the child bonus from 2020 can be found further down on this page.

The child bonus is a "bonus child benefit". That means: It is a question of one Special payment, for the the same basic requirements as for child benefit be valid.

The child bonus is part of the Federal Government's Third Corona Tax Aid Act. Families receive it as financial help, as they are exposed to particular stresses due to the Corona crisis (see also Federal Law Gazette No. 10).

Important: You need the child bonus do not apply. The payment is made automatically.

Who gets the child bonus

The child bonus 2021 is paid for every child for which in 2021 you are or have been entitled to child benefit for at least one month. Information on the requirements for child benefit can be found on the page Child benefit: entitlement, amount, duration.

The child bonus is also paid for children for whom in May 2021 ...

  • there is no longer any entitlement to child benefit (example: the child completed their education in March).
  • You are not yet entitled to child benefit (example: the child will not be born until December).

Payment and amount of the child bonus

The child bonus 2021 is 150 euros per child. He will be for all children, for those entitled to child benefit in May 2021 consists, paid out during May 2021.

The child bonus is not paid out together with the child benefit, but as a own payment.

For children, for them in another month in 2021 is or existed on child benefit, the child bonus paid out at a later date.

On the page Child benefit 2021: Payment dates you can find out when the regular child benefit will be transferred to you.

Important: If your Change account details in the meantime, you must notify the family benefits office. You can find out more about this under the question: What do I have to do if my bank details change?

Answers to frequently asked questions about the child bonus

The child bonus is provided for benefits according to Book II of the Social Code (SGB II), for child allowance and for housing benefit Not considered as income. The child bonus is not taken into account in the case of advance maintenance payments. This means that families with low incomes also benefit from the child bonus.

If you have a retrospective child benefit payment for a Entitlement from the year 2021 you will receive the 2021 child bonus. In general, the 2021 child bonus will be given to families who were entitled to child benefit for at least one month in 2021.

Does the additional payment refer to one Entitlement to child benefit before 2021, you will not receive the child bonus 2021. If you receive a retrospective child benefit payment for an entitlement from 2020, you will receive the child bonus 2020. You can find information on this after the FAQ.

The right to child benefit and thus also to the child bonus can generally not be attached. The only exception is attachment due to legal maintenance claims of the child concerned. In the practice of the family benefits office, there is generally no seizure due to the limitation to such statutory maintenance claims.

Yes, the child bonus is also paid out to children who live in homes or youth welfare institutions if child benefit is received for the child.

The child bonus will usually to the parent entitled to child benefit paid. It will Child benefit to the child himself is paid, the child bonus is also paid to the child.

In justified exceptions the family benefits office can check whether a separate diversion of the child bonus to the child is eligible if its timely before the payout corresponding request is present.

For a timely and correct payment of the child bonus 2021, only applications can be considered that also before the payout in May 2021 received by the family fund.

The turnoff must can be requested in writing by the child himself or by the legal representative. You can fill out the application directly online, print it out and send it to the relevant family benefits office.

Fill out the diversion request

Important: Please note that the application only valid with signature is.

For more information on diverting child benefit, see the How to pay out child benefit to other person page.

Information on the child bonus from 2020

For the first time in 2020, the federal government decided on a child bonus totaling 300 euros. The payment was made in 2 installments from September to December 2020.

For children born in 2020 and for the So far no child bonus 2020 paid out (for example, because no decision has yet been made on child benefit entitlement), the following applies: The child bonus is paid out based on the month of birth of the child and the time of the child benefit application. You can easily submit the application online. To do this, use the online service child benefit application for childbirth.

If you have applied for child benefit for your newborn child in 2020, the 2020 child bonus will be paid out automatically to you. Payment will be made in one amount (300 euros) from January 2021. In certain cases, child benefit and child bonus for newborn children are paid out together.

Important: If your account details change in the meantime, you must notify the Family Benefits Office. You can find out more about this under the question: What do I have to do if my bank details change?

Further help for families: child allowance

Low income families can receive further financial support. One of them is the child allowance (KiZ). With the KiZ-Lotsen you can quickly and easily check whether an application for child allowance is worthwhile in your case.

You can find more information about the KiZ and how to apply for it on the child allowance page: entitlement, amount, duration.