How to unfold patent leather shoes

Dictionary German-English

The wedding shoes should be made of thin leather with a natural sheen; the shoes with the tailcoat are one
[...] exception - these are always blackarzePatent leather shoes.
Footwear for the wedding should be made of
fine leather with a natural gloss-an exception make shoes to the dress coat- they
[...] are always black patent-leather shoit.
The red-haired girl with the green wears it
[...] eyes blackarzePatent leather shoesund a cream-colored [...]
The red haired girl with pretty green
[...] eyes also has black shoes and a cream colored [...]
Removed the skirt, the white shirt with the black bow and point diePatent leather shoesdes Dead suggests that he spent the last night in a company; he has [...]
His coat has been removed, and the white shirt and black dress-tie and the patent leather shoes indicate that he spent his last night in society; has he gambled away his money?
A beige cardigan, white stockings
[...] and schwarzePatent leather shoesvervcomplete [...]
A beige knit jacket, white
[...] stockings and black patent leather shoes complete [...]
High heels like hoHePatent leather shoesOdhe Leather boots [...]
I've always liked wearing them, including patent leather trousers and leather jackets
and leather skirts have been in my closet for a long time.
[...] wearing High heels oni.e.igh varnish shoit, but [...]
also varnish and leather trousers, leather jackets and
leather skirts have been part of my wardrobe range for a very long time.
Finally I chose
a black skirt with ruffles, one
[...] black gürtel,Patent leather shoes(eMrlich, the [...]
was all the rage back in 1976!),
black tights, high-heeled black shoes, a black blouse and a purple scarf around the neck.
Eventually I decided on a black
skirt with a frill at the bottom, with lace
[...] showing below the frill (honestly, it was [...]
the height of fashion back in 1976!
There were also bars where a kind of gentlemen's group met, immaculately dressed in white, panama hat, fake
[...] chains, branded ties undPatent leather shoes.
There were also bars, where a kind of gentlemen's circle
congregated, men dressed in white, wearing Panama hats, artificial gold-chains,
[...] brand-name ties other patent leather shoes.
This includes a vest and breeches made of red plush
[...] silver braid as well as blackarzePatent leather shoesmit silver-plated buckle.
The jacket was worn with a waistcoat and knee-breeches of red plush with silver trimming as
[...] well as black patent-leather shoes with a silver-plated buckle.
In this update she wears the
[...] white flachenPatent leather shoesund practices on the [...]
It carries the white flat lacquer shoes in this update and
[...] practices to the drum and at the piano.
While normal shoe polishes on patent leather streaks on the shiny
Leave a surface, pedag EXOTIC & LACK ensures a shiny appearance and optimal care
[...] your worth vollenPatent leather shoes.
Regular shoe polishes leave smears and stains on the glossy surface of
patent leather, whereas pedag PATENT LEATHER provides optimal care to
[...] your precious shoes and Gives them [...]
Here in Berlin Pankow you can get dance shoes for women, men and children from Freed, Supadance, DSI,
[...] [...] Paoul, Capezio and International in a wide variety of materials (satin, leather undPatent leather shoes),fatints (skin, white and black), heel heights and heel shapes.
At our shop in Berlin Pankow you can get dance shoes for women, men and children. We have dance shoes from Freed, Supadance, DSI, Paoul, Capezio and International.
Our hexagon composite panels always guarantee you a friendly base -
[...] for high heels undPatent leather shoes.
Our Hexagon composite tiles always guarantee a secure base for
[...] high heels ond patent leathhe shoes.
One has dressed upfen:Patent leather shoesGlänzen, chandeliers sparkle and deeply cut necklines flash [...]
People have dressed themselves up: Patent leather shoes shine, chandeliers glitter and low necklines sparkle expensive.
Not barefoot orerPatent leather shoe,nicht be trendy [...]
at any price but with friendliness and charm events for entertainment
Let it become, that is our declared goal for the coming years.
Need 'barefoot or patent shoe', not being [...]
trendy at all costs but helping events become entertainment with friendliness and
charm will be our aspiration for the coming years.
In vielenPatent leather shoes,Garoundmistboots [...]
and suitcases is the lining and interior upholstery on the basis of technical
Woven fabrics created by Van Heek Textiles.
I.n many patent leather shoes, rubber [...]oots and suitcases the lining and interior upholstery has been made on the basis of
technical fabrics of Van Heek Textiles.