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Starachowice description, location, history

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Starachowice description, location, history

Starachowice is located in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains region. The town is situated in the valley of the Kamienna River and is surrounded by a number of forests which are the remnants on the Świętokrzyska Primeval Forest.

The settlement was established along the course of the River Kamienna, where, as early as in the 12th century, an important trade route led through Sandomierz to the western areas.

Iron smelting was a well known commodity used as a medium of exchange by the colonists and thus was widespread in the neighboring countries. In the 15th century, within the boundaries of today's town, there existed a village called "Minera Starzechowska" where the ironworks was located. Due to this fact, most probably, the Cistercian Order enabled in the 16th century, the establishment of the grange as well as the mining and metallurgical village "Starachowice".

In 1921, a decision was made to build an armaments factory which gave the town a chance to grow.

The metallurgical, woodworking, ceramics and food industries developed in Starachowice. The town received a modern sewage infrastructure, waterworks, gasworks and a well developed road system.

Thanks to the pioneering, in Polish conditions, production of the lorries, Starachowice became famous and succeeded in the car industry not only in Poland, but Europe and the whole world as well.

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