But far away

Rammstein Weit weg lyrics with English translation

Nobody can describe the pictureNo one can describe the pictureAgainst his window paneagainst his windowpaneHas he pressed his faceHe presses his face against itAnd hopes she'll leave the lights onand hopes that she will leave the light onHe never saw her without a dressHe never saw her without a dressThe masters of his imaginationThe masters of his fantasyHe takes the glasses off his faceHe takes the glasses off his faceSinging a melody, tremblingTrembling, sing a melody The room will fill with moonlightThe room will fill with moonlightDrop them, all coversLet them fall, all the coversThe sight is very appealing to himThe view is very favorable to himTension his imagination to the limitStretches his imaginationThe breath catches, the heart beats wildlyHis breath stops, his heart beats wildlyPaint his colors in her pictureHe paints her picture in his colorsIs he standing there at the edge of the windowHe stands there at the edge of the windowWith a sun in handwith a sun in his hand Very closeVery closeSo far from hereSo far away from hereSo closeSo closeFar, far from youFar, far away from youVery closeVery closeWe are that far awaySo far away are weSo closeSo closeFar, far from meFar, far away from me It's midnight againAgain it's midnightThey steal the light of the sun from usThey steal from us the light of the sunBecause it's always darkBecause it's always darkWhen the moon kisses the starswhen the moon kisses the stars Very closeVery closeSo closeSo close Very closeVery closeso far away from youSo far away from youSo closeSo closeWe are that far awaySo far away are we Lyric © RammsteinTranslation © Affenknecht.com