Naruto x sister lemon fanfiction where Naruto

It was quite peaceful in the village tucked behind the leaves of its residents who went about their business as at the door to the office from. Hokage of the 3rd generation knocked after a short "in" then Inoichi Yamanaka went into the office of Hirozen Sarutobi and, he asked, "You called for Master Hokage?" And Hirozen Sarutobi said, yes, Inoichi I have let you call because I am one. Please have ´´ and Inoichi asked himself // what kind of request did he have for me and what that could be // when a newborn saw a newborn in a white cloth in the arms of the third generation of Hokage. Inoichi ,, um time Master Hokage but whose child is that on your arm if I may ask Master Hokage not your or '' and Hiruzen Sarutobi looked at Inoichi as if he didn't have them all together, no, it is Inoichi not my child and I am much too old for that no it is the child of Minato and Kushina you have to know when Minato and Kushina died Minato asked me. To take care of Naruto but at my age it is no longer Inoichi so I would like to ask you to raise Naruuto as if he were your, child would you do that for an old man like me´´ and at that moment Naruto started to scream and. Inoichi took the little one in her arms and immediately Naruto was peacefully sleeping on, here. Inoichi are three more scrolls for Naruto in one of which is who Naruto's parents are and who are in the other, describes Jutsus that his parents have bequeathed to him if he wants to learn them and I am sure that he wants to learn them and for Ino who does not bad if she had a brother, or ´ said Hiruzen and Inoichi thought for a moment before he said, of course not. Master Hokage I just don't know what my wife will say but it will be an honor for me to raise Naruto as if he were defending my son and Ino would have a brother "" Inoichi said before he went home with Naruto in his arms when he was little Later on when he was at home his wife came up to him when he wasn't even completely in the house, she asked, Inoichi what kind of child is that on your arm there ´´ now mine. Honey, you know that our village was attacked by the Kyuubi, but unfortunately Minato and Kushina died in this attack and only his son survived. Unfortunately he had to seal the Kyuubi in. Naruto but look at Naruto ´´ and Inoichi's wife saw him little Naruto shortly before she started to shine a second later. At that moment Naruto reported again when he was lying in the arms of, Inoichi's wife, Naruto was calm again and continued to sleep when Inoichi briefly disappeared he came back a little later with Ino in his arms immediately mekrte. Naruto that is why he opened his little eyes and Ino saw her also opened her eyes and Naruto smiled and Inoichi's wife said, "You just have to love the little one, or Inoichi" and Inoichi just smiled then he said, "We." first let him grow up as Yamanaka when he comes to us and asks who he is, let's tell him for this one. In case the Hokage gave me three scrolls where everything is inside my darling´´ then they put Naruto and Ino in bed who immediately fell asleep since then three years have moved into the country the Hokage came over and over again and watched after Naruto He was happy to see that Naruto was really happy and he was just happy Inoichi with his children on the playground when Naruto saw a pink haired girl immediately he went to her with his sister when the real Naruto said, hey I'm Naruto Yamanaka and this is my sister Ino do you want to play with us´´ Naruto smiled, really wide and the little one looked at Naruto and then said, "I am Sakura Haruno, I am happy to meet you two´´ the three played together correct as Ino and. No longer could Sakura, Naruto still had energy and promptly Sakura asked, "I'm pretty tired Naruto but you are still so full of energy how do you do that?" no. You know what you mean Sakura I'm always so energetic ask Ino´´ said Naruto whereupon Sakura looked at Ino who just nodded and then said, "My brother is right Sakura he is always on it when I have as much energy as Naruto, I know." I don't go where with that ´´ said Ino then they said goodbye to each other when Inoichi called, Naruto, Ino wier go now says see you later then we go ´´ ,, ok Papa ´´ called .Naruto and Ino at the same time and then ran to hers Father went together the three came home Ino went to bed immediately but Naruto who was still so full of energy went into the kitchen there sat Inoichi and his wife when Naruto saw them he said, Papa.Mama I don't look like a Yamanaka from ´´ ,, that had to come sooner or later ´´ muttered Inoichi, “you are right Naruto that is because you were adored by us, Naruto but we love you as if you were our own son then it will be time you admitting this here Naruto ´´ with this sentence Inoichi got a scroll and gave it. Naruto asked, what kind of scroll is that? ´´, now my son in this scroll it says who your real parents are ´´ said Inoichi, why real papa? ´´ asked Naruto, who was now three years old the village attacked by the nine-tailed Naruto your father and your .Mother died but I don't know exactly what it says in there. Naruto if you read it but we stay your parents´´ ,, I know and it will stay that way Dad, and Mama ´´ then Naruto went into the living room and read the scroll through when he was finished Inoichi heard sniffling and sobbing from the living room as he walked over to it he saw .Naruto crying softly to not wake Ino but with grief like Inoichi saw with pride in his parents that they gave their lives to protect Konoha, and what do you say Naruto "" said Inoichi, who sat down next to his son, "I'm proud to have had such parents dad and that with him . Kyuubi I understand why I had to be because I already had a lot of chakra as a baby and I will manage to control the Kyuubi, but I'll do it in Uzumaki way ´´ said, and how do you want to do it Naruto if yourself your mother couldn't do it "" "I can do it now" "said Naruto and doubted it. Inoichi not one bit when he looked into Naruto's eyes he realized he was eager to make it and he believed that Naruto would make it but it always turns out differently than you think, especially when your name is Naruto and the years to come hold for. Naruto has some surprises ready, including this surprise that he gets to know an unusual friend, but Naruto does not yet suspect who this unusual friend is, because Maruto swore at this moment that he will become stronger than his father the great Minato Namikaze ever was and with Inari the goddess herself he swore that because now he had also taken away. To become Hokage but it will all turn out differently as he thought, "used to call my father papa? ´" Farg Naruto, "now your father used to call the yellow lightning from Konoha my little one, Naruto and I am sure that you will surpass him will Naruto I believe in it ´´ then also Naruto went to sleep because now that he has experienced so much he got tired too.
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