How to put a picture on the wattpad

Insert a picture from the camera

Now Microsoft 365 subscribers on Office Mobile for Windows 10 and Office for Android with camera-enabled devices can easily take photos and insert them directly into their files.

Insert a picture from the camera

  1. Select the command in the ribbon Insert > images > camera out.

  2. The camera in your device will open.

    Depending on the device you're using, you may be able to do a few simple edits to your photo before inserting it. Once you're done, the photo will be inserted right into the file you're working on.

Insert a picture from a whiteboard (Android only)

If you want to include a photo of a whiteboard in your document or presentation, Office for Android can take advantage of Office Lens to help you with that. Just follow the steps above to take a picture of the whiteboard with your device's camera and when you tap OK to indicate that you are happy with the picture, you can choose to indicate that it is a picture of a whiteboard acts.

Tap the whiteboard icon in the top right corner to use Office Lens to clean up the image. When you're done, tap the check mark at the bottom to insert the image into your document.

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