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Quinn - Finn relationship

Quinn - Finn relationship

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The Quinn - Finn relationship, also Fabson or Fuinn called, is the romantic relationship between Quinn Fabray and Finn Hudson.


Quinn is Finn's first friend and Finn is Quinn's first friend. The two were initially among McKinley's coolest students and got together about four months before the series started. However, Quinn is afraid of making out and before it got too intimate she always started praying, using her religious views as an excuse that she doesn't want sex yet. However, she eventually sleeps with Noah Puckerman after he made her feel drunk and fat. Eventually this ends with Quinn's pregnancy. She claims to Finn that he is the father, even though they have only cuddled in the hot tub so far. Finn does everything to support Quinn during this time and when she is thrown out of home, she is allowed to live with him. A few weeks, however, he finds out that Puck is actually the father and therefore ends his relationship with Quinn.

In Hello hell Finn still mourns his relationship with Quinn. Although they both seem to have feelings for each other, they don't talk to each other for the rest of the year.

In Britney / Brittany Quinn asks Finn if he would like to go on a date with her at the Breadstix, but Finn declines because he is currently in a relationship with Rachel Berry. Even so, he admits that he still has feelings for Quinn and Quinn seems disappointed that Finn refused.

In The Sue Sylvester Shuffle Quinn has to choose either the Glee Club or the Cheerios. Rachel says that Quinn will of course choose the Cheerios, but Finn defends Quinn. However, when Quinn prefers the Cheerios, Finn confronts Quinn, but the conversation does not help. Just before the Cheerios leave, Finn talks to Quinn again and says that he knows she is strong enough to leave the Cheerios for the New Directions and eventually she listens to him. At the end of the episode, after winning the football game, the two meet in the hallway of McKinley. There Quinn says that she can now remember why she loved him once and the two kiss. But when she realizes what she's done, Quinn disappears again. In Love song to sorrow Finn sets up a kissing booth in the hope that Quinn will line up there too. Quinn sees through his plan, but her current boyfriend Sam Evans wants to make sure that nothing is going on between Quinn and Finn and therefore accompanies Quinn to the kissing booth. When Finn and Quinn kiss there, it feels like fireworks to both of them. The two meet later in the auditorium and discuss whether they are together now. The two kiss again, but Santana Lopez has already suspected that something is going on between Finn and Quinn and has therefore transmitted Finn monoviruses at the kissing booth. Finn and Quinn both fall ill and Santana tries to convince Sam that Quinn cheated on him.

In The she-devil comeback Sam separates from Quinn and in Sexy she is secretly with Finn again. After the Regionals, the two make their relationship public to become prom king and queen.

In Born This Way Lauren Zizes reveals one of Quinn's darkest secrets. Quinn used to be a chubby, brown-haired girl and had a nose job on her. Quinn thinks she doesn't have a chance to become a prom queen now, but Finn has the old photo of Quinn with her, happy to finally see who she is. In The latest rumor The two of them start to have a crisis as there are rumors that Quinn and Sam are back together - however, it is revealed that Quinn only babysat Sam's sister.

In Rivals of the crown Finn becomes jealous of Jesse St. James dancing with Rachel at prom and when it turns into a fight, he is thrown off the ball, ruining Quinn's chance for the crown. The two stay together anyway, but Finn makes in Funeral ceremony It's over, even though he still loves Quinn. In new York Quinn doesn't manage to get over Finn, but she finally realizes that he loves Rachel more than she does.

Season one


Rachel asks Finn out on a date, but Finn refuses, telling him that he's been with Quinn for four months. There is a flashback of Finn and Quinn making out, but when he tries to touch her bum, she stops him and suggests praying instead. Finn also tells Rachel that he thinks Quinn is cool.

Beyond Gut and Sue

Finn is present at the next celibacy club meeting, even though he actually only joined for Quinn's sake. When the task of holding a balloon between their own legs and the legs of the other, Quinn and Finn form a team, but the balloon bursts. Finn says that he must have got the zipper on his pants.

When Finn later performs "Push It" at the school meeting with New Directions, Quinn is jealous that Finn seems to get along too well with Rachel. In order to be able to keep an eye on Finn, she therefore joins the New Directions.

Children of lies

Quinn tries to avoid Finn at first, but eventually admits

that she is pregnant. Finn is confused because he can't remember ever slept with her, but Quinn thinks that when they snuggled in the hot tub about a month ago, the sperm must have been shed.

Although Quinn prefers to keep her pregnancy a secret, Finn tells Will about it because he is overwhelmed with the situation. Later he also tells Puck, but has no idea that he is actually the father of Quinn's baby. Puck asks Quinn about it, but she makes it clear to him that she will continue to claim that the baby came from Finn.

Finn later gives Quinn his own baby blanket for the baby that he used to have with him because he cried without it and now wants to give it to "his" child.

April April

At the beginning of the episode, Finn and Quinn sing Don't Stop Believin ', but Quinn stops the rehearsal and runs out to vomit, feeling sick about the pregnancy. Finn says her breakfast must have been spoiled. When the rehearsals are over, Finn goes to Will and tells him that he is worried about Quinn and the baby because the others don't know about it yet.

Later, Puck tells the other Glee Kids that Quinn is pregnant and Finn is the father.

Excited organisms

Finn says in a voiceover that he should be proud to have Quinn because she is popular and hot, and that she is having his baby. Quinn later decides to give the baby Terri, the reason being Finn. Quinn says he's such a great boy because he just takes all the pressure. However, she says that if she kept the baby, Finn could have a heart attack from the added stress in his life.

Spoilers games

Finn accompanies Quinn to the ultrasound exam when Dr. Chin says the baby is fine and will be a girl, after which the two kiss. During the S

Panic testing tells Finn that he found a great name for the baby: "Drizzle". Quinn is not at all enthusiastic about it and says that he is insensitive because she will give it away and therefore does not want to enter into a personal bond by considering a name.

A little later, the two are standing at the lockers and arguing. Finn is pissed off and says that he wishes her to be a little more like Rachel because she genuinely cares about his feelings and advocates her too, as she wants to keep Jacob from talking about Quinn's pregnancy on his blog write. But Quinn immediately sees that Rachel is also pursuing her own interests and threatens Finn with not betraying her with Rachel.

Later, Quinn and Finn are both placed in Will's group. Quinn is

angry that Rachel and Finn got the solos.

At the end of the episode, Sue says Quinn that she found out she was pregnant and got Jacob about it on his blog. After the glee rehearsal, Quinn is crying out in Finn's arms as the whole school now knows she is pregnant.


Finn gets a slushie in the face from Dave Karofsky. He tells Finn and Quinn, who are standing next to him, that they are no longer the cool people at school.

At the Glee Club, Quinn washes Finn's face and says that her reputation as a "McKinley High It couple" is no longer there. Later they go to Emma and ask her how to be cool. She advises them to wear sunglasses, but actually thinks they should just be themselves and that those who do not accept them are not real friends. When they put on the sunglasses the next day, they feel cool and trendy, but appearances are deceptive because it doesn't take long and the two of them are slushied by the entire football team (except for Puck, Mike and Matt).

Fear and blame

When Quinn watches the Cheerios, Finn sits down next to her and asks her if it doesn't hurt, but Quinn immediately distracts her because she is mad at Finn for not helping her pay the medical bills for her baby. Finn is also angry because he is trying very hard to find a job, but it has been rejected everywhere. Quinn then gets up and lets Finn sit and says that he is right because it really hurts a lot.

Quinn and Puck get closer, but Finn bursts between them. When Puck leaves, he stares jealously after him.

When it comes to cupcake sales, Finn says they don't sell cupcakes because they suck. Quinn says he's an idiot and doesn't know how to believe he can take care of a baby if he can't even sell a stupid cupcake. Finn says he's tired of Quinn constantly reproaching him and leaves the cafeteria angrily.

Later, when Puck and Quinn are talking, Finn comes over and tells Quinn that he has found a job, he has to be in a wheelchair, but it's worth it. Quinn is proud of him and sits on his lap and the two of them drive into the classroom.


Quinn tries on her chastity ball dress with her mother, Judy Fabray. Her mother notices that Quinn no longer fits it properly, but Quinn lies, blaming the fact that she stopped cheerleading and has been eating a lot lately. Quinn's father, Russel Fabray, joins them and wants to invite Finn to dinner.

In the Glee Club, Will gives the task together with a partner to sing his current feelings to the other in a ballad. Finn, of course, wants Quinn as a partner, but Will lets the lot decide.

Finn has been split up with Kurt. Kurt advises him I'll Stand By You singing about his current feelings. Finn finally sings the song to the ultrasound image of Quinn's baby, his mother, Carole Hudson notices this and Finn finally tells her about Quinn's pregnancy. Quinn is mad at Finn, because she is now afraid that her parents might find out too.

A few days later, Finn appears at the Fabrays for dinner. There he sings, on advice from Kurt, (You're) having my baby. This is how Quinn's parents find out about Quinn's pregnancy. Russel is mad and gives Quinn half an hour to pack, then he throws Quinn and Finn out of the house. At Finn's home, however, Quinn is very welcome by Carole.

Later the other glee kids sing Lean On Me for Finn and Quinn to show them that they are always there for them.

Splitting hairs

Quinn wants to test whether Puck can be a good father and therefore asks KurtRachel to give him a makeover in order to distract Finn. However, Finn doesn't like Rachel's new style and Quinn is mad at Puck because he has texted Santana hotly. Finn tells Quinn at the end of the episode that he only loves her and during True Colors the two smile at each other.

Everything is at stake

Rachel suspects that Puck is actually the father of Quinn's baby and tells Finn. He angrily starts a fight with Puck and Quinn finally confesses that Puck is actually the father. Angry, Finn leaves Quinn and the New Directions at the same time. But he joins the Sectionals again, although it is difficult for him to see Quinn and Puck.

Hello hell

Finn says in his voice-over that he's not quite over Quinn yet and stares at Quinn.

Bad reputation

Quinn places Finn in 6th place on the "Gliste".

Season two

Britney / Brittany

Quinn asks Finn, since everything is back to normal - she as the captain of the Cheerios - if they could try again, but Finn refuses because he is happy with Rachel. Still, he confesses to her that he will always have feelings for her.

The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

Finn defends Quinn when Rachel says she'll most likely choose the Cheerios over the Glee Club. When Quinn does this, Finn is disappointed in her and says when she was feeling bad, the Glee Club was always there for her and the Cheerios weren't. He says he didn't think she was that weak.

However, together with Brittany and Santana, Quinn finally lets Finn convince them at the last minute to rejoin the Glee Club instead of staying with the Cheerios.