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Translation of "not so good" in English

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The result was not so good.
I know the rules by heart, but I play not so good.
I know the rules by heart, but I'm not so good playing.
Mine is not so good like yours.
Party number 2, not so good.
So I am not so good with numbers.
This is not so good for the indictment.
At the Potomac you can not so good to dance.
Are dead not so good in the back crawl.
I feel myself not so good.
The Kaiserschmarrn will be long not so good in order to.
And his chances of survival are not so good.
Obviously, these are my usual choices not so good went out.
Obviously, my usual choices have not worked out so well.
You know Fornell not so good.
Unfortunately, the additional functions all work not so good.
Ironically, their security system is not so good.
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