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Death and the maiden

Death and the maiden

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First broadcast

Death and the maiden is the twenty-seventh episode of Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy.

Content [edit | Edit source]

Denny makes Izzie a real marriage proposal. It may sound unreasonable, he says, but he is finally back in control of his life. And he wants Izzie! Burke's hand injury and the possibility that she will never be able to operate again trigger the instinct to flee in Cristina ... Richard decides to grant his niece, who has cancer, her greatest wish - a real prom. He obliges his entire surgical team to be present. He also has to deal with the junior doctors on the side: everyone claims he cut Denny's LVAD line. Webber needs evidence and therefore has to question each one individually ...

Cast [edit | Edit source]

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Co-stars [edit | Edit source]

  • Charles Duckworth as Brian
  • Ariel Felix as an anesthetist

Music [edit | Edit source]

  • Under the waves of Pete drug
  • Side 2 of Dressy Bessy
  • Colors of Amos Lee
  • Destination Vertical of Masha Qrella
  • Grace of Kate Havnevik
  • Chasing cars of Snow Patrol

Episode title [edit | Edit source]

The original episode title Losing my religion refers to a song by R.E.M.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • Two songs from the episode (Grace and Chasing cars) are sung by the cast in season 7 of the musical.
  • It's the first episode of the series that doesn't have an intro and an outro.
  • The episode was number 63 on TV Guide's Top 100 Episodes of All Time.

Moment [edit | Edit source]

  • Denny proposes marriage to Izzie, which she accepts.
  • Denny dies.

Intro and Outro Edit source]

There is no opening or closing monologue in this episode.

Quotes [edit | Edit source]

  • Cristina: Really. I found teenagers repulsive even when I was still one.
  • Meredith: I only had black clothes.
  • Cristina: Ohhhh
  • Meredith: And dyed my hair pink, really flashy. The prom was totally beneath my dignity.
  • Cristina: My mother made me go there. My date had to throw up on my dress first and then he just wanted to fumble.
  • Alex: I was a wrestler at university, had an athletic scholarship. I also played baseball and basketball. But I'll explain it in terms of football.
  • Webber: What does that have to do with who cut the LVAD line?
  • Alex: Let's say you got signed, and not by the team you wanted to be on. And you don't like the other players. They hate the way they play the game. They think the quarterback is totally useless. The guy's a bottle and you could just miss out on anything. But it's your team. Would you run away Or nibble at journalists? Or do you complain to the coach? No! They go out to the field every Sunday. You block your husband and you pocket. And you, you are trying to win. You show up, you change, and you play. And that's only because it's your team.
  • Webber: I know your type. You are a surgery junkie.
  • Cristina: Yes and?
  • Webber: I just mean. I can imagine that staying away from the operation for a long time will be difficult for you.
  • Cristina: Exactly.
  • Webber: And since you want to go back to the operating room, tell me what I want to know, okay?
  • Cristina: You are right. It is not easy for me not to be in the operating room. It is not easy for me to sit in front of you or a person of authority in general and not be able to give you the answer you want to hear. I'm the one with the answers, I've always been, but here and now, there, I don't have any.
  • Webber: Dr. Yang?
  • Cristina: How do you always stay calm? I've been watching you and you've been on the job for so long and you're totally cool. You are focused, you are the job, nothing upsets you. And the thing is, I was just like that. And then I ended up here. I started working in this job and now everything is kind of ... kind of fuzzy and ...
  • Webber: That's not the point.
  • Cristina: Yes, that's the point. Because I can't tell you. I cannot tell you what happened in this room. But before I could have done it easily: No feelings of guilt, no loyalty, no problems. Because earlier, earlier, I would never have found myself in this room. I would never have participated in something like that. Such a blackout in the operating room would have been unthinkable. And I would have told him what to find, what to do. I was freezing. Freezing cold, and now it's gone. That does not work like this. I need this so can you tell me how, how do you stay so cool? How to keep the distance? Then I'd be a great surgeon too. So if you answer this question for me, I would be very grateful.
  • Webber: You can go, Dr. Yang.
  • Cristina: But ...
  • Webber: You can go.
  • Cristina: I'll tell you. I'll tell you who it was, if you just please ...
  • Webber: No you won't. I don't even want to know, not from you. Yes i know how to do it I just won't tell you. I don't want to be responsible for losing any of your humanity.
  • Izzie: I know I'm beautiful.
  • Webber: What?
  • Izzie: I don't mean that arrogantly. It's ... it's just a fact. I've made money from my looks for a long time, so sure. People think I'm beautiful. And that's not a special taste, most people think so. It's the blonde hair and the bust. Bust size is the key, most people find it beautiful.
  • Webber: Uh, Dr. Stevens ...
  • Izzie: That's how men see me. For most of them, I'm not smart or interesting, I'm just beautiful. The blonde and the bust. Men who only see that think they are dealing with someone else. I'm used to it. I'm used to you running away when you realize ... But Denny, he's different. He asks me if I want to marry him.
  • Webber: Is that why you cut the line?
  • Izzie: He doesn't make me feel like I'm just good looking. He makes me feel like I am. I think he really does see me. So if I cut the line - and I don't mean to say it is - but if it were, then no, I don't feel guilty. I know I should and, and I would if it was someone else. I just can't help but feel happy.
  • George: You don't mean to say, do you? I will not sneak. I'm getting a little creepy, but I won't tell. Not because I don't care. Because I care what you think of me, believe me. Really, I just can't tell you what you want to hear from me. Somehow that seems to be the motto in my life right now. Not being able to say what doesn't mean you don't want to. Maybe you really want it. Let's say you are in a relationship and you are perfectly happy with it, just not in love. Or maybe you love someone and don't want to be in a relationship with them. There is no need to love someone you want. This is frustrating because what the brain says you want and what you actually want just don't go together. It's exhausting and ohh it's complicated. But that's life. And life sucks.
  • Webber: I've known you for a long time. I know your mother and father. And I know with one hundred percent certainty that you didn't cut the LVAD line. Meredith, you tell me who it was now.
  • Meredith: I thought about this over and over again, trying to understand it. It was you! You are responsible for my parents divorce! And it wasn't just an affair. She really loved you. It wasn't just a slip up where she just didn't tell you she was married. It wasn't all a lie. At that time she left her husband for you. But you chose your wife because that was simply the decent thing. Maybe also the safe solution, but it was the right partner for your life planning. And let's be honest, my mother ... There is nothing wrong with the safe solution, to be with decent people because they are decent. And we're talking about a lifelong thing here, after all. You have never regretted your decision. You never wanted to undo it, did you?