How to use Eternal Beauty Elken

Eternal beauty - only in advertising

The short advertising film burns a notch into my consciousness ETERNAL BEAUTY, the skin, youthful like a thirty-year-old, even at sixty tight and elastic, wrinkle-free and youthfully fresh.

I close my eyes, turn back time. At thirty, what were my features then? What did my look say then? At that time my skin was actually as smooth as a baby's bottom, but I was still immature, somehow still endowed with "too little life". Oh yes, certainly with a few laugh lines, or were you already seeing worry lines back then?

I get up and go into the bathroom, I have a magnifying mirror there, one in which everything, really everything, can be seen. I stare in silence, an old woman is smiling at me, or is it not a smile? Is it a malicious grin? No, the eyes are serious. Are they sad? The songs hang a bit. Yes, and between the eyebrows, there aren't sorrow lines and crow's feet that jump out of the corner of the eye like little rivulets. ..... I start to laugh uproariously, I've got it, these are laugh lines, how could I be fooled into confusing laugh lines with crow's feet. My critical view is moving further, further down. The mouth, yes it is sometimes a bit too cheeky but it is certainly not, as they say, dogged. But the lips, do they have the right curve? No, I have to admit that there is a lot missing. Then the cheeks, they have slipped down a bit, not a trace of tight and elastic, where I care for myself with the best products. Now the worry lines speak volumes. The forehead slowly smooths out. The neck and the cleavage, yes you can leave that. The two were spared from the long life experience.

ETERNAL BEAUTY does it even exist?

I put the mirror to one side and am happy about the days I lived, which have left their traces on my face - of worries big and small, of immeasurable happiness and tiny ailments.

© Gina 2019-04-11