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In contrast, producers attempt to protect their profit markup during recessions, as evidenced by the larger output price inflation relative to nominal wage inflation.
A text containing semantic markup is effectively a parallel text between human language and semantic structures.
The first is the need for a standard format (a 'markup language ') for encoding models in a robust, parsible, electronic form.
A specific markup language needs to define the structure of the data by imposing constraints on the valid use of selected elements and attributes.
We can see that, in general, all variables except government spending and net exports are countercyclical with respect to markups.
This implies that the author / programmer must deal at the same time with both the underlying text markup system and the programming language.
This paper presents a two-country dynamic general equilibrium model with imperfect competition and nominal price rigidities in which productivity shocks coexist with markup shocks.
The present formulation thus considers separately the elasticity effect and investigates its importance for countercyclical markups in isolation.
The reduction in industrial profit markup is likely to become less pronounced as the nominal wage becomes more downwardly flexible.