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"How many celebrities have moved into the German jungle camp in Australia so far?" is the third question. Except for Marco Angelini, who is closest to the correct answer, namely 85 celebrities, everyone is showered with molasses and Gabby Rinne is already evading again! Since she has already been admonished twice, she lost a star for the group. "Thank you Gabby", the other "jungle camp candidates" say. Even in the fourth and fifth rounds, the candidates cannot earn a star and Gabby is getting increasingly nervous: "I have fucking locusts in my bra!"

Sonja Zietlow asks question six, in which the candidates have to say how long the suspension bridge, over which they always go for the jungle test, is in meters. Since Gabby is closest, she doesn't get any feathers and has to reach into a compartment. Gabby chooses the subject with a star and a mud crab - and immediately panic grabs her: "I'm scared." All the jungle camp candidates cheer her on, everyone screams, but she doesn't make it and disappointment spreads across the board.

Jochen Bendel only succeeds in round seven: He estimates best how big the jungle camp moderators Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich are together, reaches into a box with soldier crabs and can also pull out the star. "How many cockroaches was Daniel Küblböck showered with ten years ago in his jungle test?" is the eighth question. Marco Angelini is closest with 10,001 and can get the second star from a box with crayfish.

Daniel Hartwich asks the last and ninth questions: "How many toilet rolls have been in the past seven seasons of 'I'm a Star - Get Me Out of Here!' consumed in the camp? " Unfortunately, all jungle camp candidates outbid the correct answer of 182 toilet rolls and are showered with dirt. With this, Jochen Bendel, Gabby de Almeida Rinne, Marco Angelini and Melanie Müller only earn two stars for all "I am a star - get me out of here" candidates.