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Cooking vegetables - the right way

Vegetables are tasty and healthy. The varieties and methods of preparation are so diverse that there is something for every taste. But how do you cook vegetables in a vitamin-friendly way and with the right consistency? With a little sure instinct and the right technique, preparation is no problem at all.

Vegetables: as a side dish, salad or main course

Vegetables can be on the table every day - the large selection enables countless variations, cooking methods and recipe ideas. Depending on the season and mood, there are vegetables as a filling side dish or a full main course: tomato salad, gratinated casserole, asparagus cream soup, vegetable stew or stuffed peppers. Properly prepared, vegetables provide important minerals, vitamins and fiber and support healthy digestion.

Vegetables and varieties

Classifying vegetables into certain categories and drawing a clear line is hardly possible. There are different systems of classification - according to harvest times, trade classes, botanical aspects or the type of use. The following list has been compiled from a culinary point of view and is suitable as a guide. A complete list would be too extensive at this point. Here are the most important vegetables:
  • Leafy vegetables such as salads (lettuce, endive, rocket, spinach, chard) or cabbage (cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi, white cabbage, red cabbage, pointed cabbage)
  • Flowering vegetables like zucchini, artichoke, romanesco
  • Fruit vegetables like cucumber, tomato, pepper, avocado, pumpkin
  • root vegetable such as tuber vegetables (carrots, horseradish, radishes, potatoes, celery) or onion vegetables (onions, leeks, garlic)
  • legumes like beans, peas, lentils
  • Other varieties like fennel, asparagus, rhubarb, sweet potato
The goods should be as fresh as possible so that most of the nutrients are retained. Anyone who grows and harvests vegetables in their own garden can consider themselves lucky: It doesn't get fresher; In addition, with a little horticultural expertise, you can do without chemistry.

For everyone else, the following applies: Pay attention to origin and freshness when shopping. Products from the region have shorter storage times and transport routes than vegetables from southern Europe or Asia. In addition, there are generally stricter requirements in Germany with regard to the type and amount of pesticides.

The purchase of seasonal products is also advantageous in view of the short storage times: for example pumpkins in autumn, cabbage in winter, tomatoes in summer.

Nevertheless, almost all varieties can be enjoyed all year round without any problems: frozen vegetables make it possible. It is processed and frozen immediately after harvest. Most of the vitamins are retained - frozen food is even healthier than “fresh vegetables” that have been stored for months.

Preparation methods: how to cook vegetables correctly

You can boil, stew, blanch, steam or fry vegetables, depending on the variety and recipe.

Prepare the vegetables:
  • Wash thoroughly to remove dirt and contaminants.
  • Remove inedible or woody parts of the plant, outer leaves. Peeling is necessary, for example, for beets, potatoes (except early varieties) and asparagus.
  • Peppers, pumpkins and, for some recipes, cucumbers and tomatoes are pitted.
  • Then cut, grate, grate or puree for the chosen preparation method: into bite-sized pieces, strips or cubes.

The following applies to every type of preparation: Only place vegetables on top when they are hot. In cold water or fat, enzymes destroy most of the vitamins.

Cooking vegetables

Whether and how long vegetables have to cook depends on the variety. Basically, most of the nutrients are lost. However, cabbage varieties are only digestible when cooked. The cooking time should be a maximum of 25 minutes.

The cooking water contains vitamins and brings flavor. Therefore do not throw away, but use as a basis for further preparation.

Steam vegetables

At a temperature of around 100 °, the vegetables cook gently in a little water or fat with the lid closed. All types of vegetables are suitable for steaming. This is a modified form
  • Glazing: Sugar is added to the cooking water, which gives the vegetables a nice color and shine. Carrots and onions taste very good when glazed.
  • Steam in the wok is another variant: constantly stir the finely chopped vegetables and keep them moving, so they cook evenly and remain crisp.

Blanch vegetables

The vegetables only cook for a few minutes in boiling water, then immediately rinse with ice-cold water. This type of preparation gives the vegetables a beautiful color. Suitable for varieties with short cooking times: snow peas, chard, spinach.

Fry vegetables

Fat as a basis gives a good taste. This method is also suitable for vegetables with a short cooking time.

Stew vegetables

First fry the vegetables in fat and then cook them in the pan. For hard varieties such as zucchini or artichokes.

Steam the vegetables

The vegetables cook in steam without coming into contact with the water. Steaming is one of the healthiest types of preparation. There are special steamers; A stainless steel sieve serves as a steamer insert for normal saucepans. Suitable for all types of vegetables.

This is how it tastes the little ones too

All children love vegetables - some just don't know it yet. They can be convinced with a few tricks:
  • Never exert pressure - instead prepare vegetables with creativity, arrange them appropriately, use the large selection and "design" the meals with different colors and shapes.
  • Cooking pasta with minced meat and vegetables: "Cheer" the minced meat sauce cut into thin strips of carrots or peppers. There is also plenty of space between cheese and ham on sandwiches for tomatoes, lettuce or peppers.
  • Prepare raw vegetables in many colors with cookie cutters: cucumber hearts, carrot stars, celery balls.

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