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May I also add when I tie up a tarpaulin, unless it's one of those heavy old canvas tarps. I've always felt that most people get it wrong. Let me explain ...

If you untie your curls in a strong wind (and I don't mean tornado, just decent gusts), you run the risk of the curls coming off the tarp entirely.

What i propose 550 paracord is cheap and strong. Run a length of rope through a ring, over the tarpaulin, and then thread it through the ring opposite. I create a kind of rib cage where the rope is pulled over the tarpaulin through the curls and then tied. This way the tarpaulin goes all the way to the ground (long tarpaulin not square) and the loops of the rope are connected to a small handful of metal tent poles that I have with me. This prevents cracks and tears and makes your cover much stronger and less noisy in the wind.

Even if I may: If you tie off a ridge line like in the photo I still see a mistake. Notice that the rope is wrapped around every tree forever to keep it taught and strong? The problem is that there is a single strand of rope.

The best method is to pull several strands between the two trees for your ridge line and use less to tie them on either side. You don't need a ton of rope around each tree, just a couple of good knots. Going through more than one strand will strengthen the ridge line. This is the basic technique. This also has the added benefit of having more suspension points next to each other, which is great for keeping an insect net around you inside and under your tarpaulin.