Conwest Jain Hospital Girgaon Chowpaty

Conwest & Manjula S. Badani

How We Started


"Rugna Seva ej Prabhu Seva" was part of the inspiratory speech by learned Mahasatiji Ujjvalkumarji 60 years ago. This was immediately implemented by the Committee Members of Shri Vardhman Sthanakvasi Jain Shravak Sangh by taking a decision to start the Sheth Prabhashankar Popatbhai Jain Dispensary on 19 Apr 1948.


We could not have foreseen, at that point of time, that this seed sown into the pavitra land of Upashray would grow slowly and steadily into a 100 bedded multi-specialty hospital - Conwest Jain Clinic Group of Hospitals and now Conwest & Manjula S Badani Jain Hospital.

This has been rendered possible because it has been lovingly nurtured by philanthropic donors, an ambitious and efficient managing committee respectfully led by Chairman late Shri Chimanlal Chakubhai Shah (up to 1982) and from then to date, by dynamic Shri Manubhai C Shah, the tireless efforts of founder Medical Director Late Dr. K. M. Sangani (Kaka) supported by matron late Sister Shah, dedicated and competent honorary consultants, faithful and hardworking staff members and above all the good wishes of our patients and blessings of param krupalu Parmatma.

Our Board of Trustees
  • Shri. Shashikant G. Badani (Chairman)

  • Shri. Champaklal C. Sheth

  • Shri. Rasesh R. Doshi

  • Smt. Bijal Doshi

  • Shri. Navinchandra D. Mehta

  • Shri. Keyur S. Mehta

  • Shri. Rajanikant K. Ravani (Hon. Secretary)

Medical officers
  • Dr. K. K. Modes
    (Medical Director)

  • Dr. Deven Sangani
    (Medical Superintendent)