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Candy Crush Saga: Cheats for the most difficult levels

Stuck in a difficult level of the Candy Crush Saga and looking for cheats? Don't let yourself be ripped off and take note of our advice on sugar-sweet puzzle fun.

Cheats for Candy Crush Saga: Be careful!

There are a few points to keep in mind when looking for cheats for Candy Crush Saga. Otherwise, instead of the longed-for success in the game, you could lose money and / or have access to your personal data.

  • Most importantly: There are no classic cheats for Candy Crush Saga. This has to do with the fact that developer King wants to sell the "cheats", ie in-app items such as boosters etc., to players for cash. Classic cheats would only be counterproductive and lossy.
  • In fact, there are tons of videos with alleged cheats for the candy puzzle game, especially on the YouTube video portal. However, before you get to the cheat codes, you should e.g. Pass on your Facebook account details or transfer money via Paysafecard. Only fraudsters are at work here who want to earn a few euros more with crude methods. Hands off!
  • If you try to gain an advantage with the help of glitches, i.e. programming errors, it is also possible that your account will be blocked and your entire game progress will be deleted.

Tips for difficult levels

Difficult passages in Candy Crush Saga can still be solved with a few tips and a little perseverance:

  • It is often enough to combine three candies of the same color. But especially in difficult levels you will not be able to avoid combining four, five or more sweets with each other as often as possible. If you connect four candies, you can remove a whole row, with five candies you can completely delete one color from the playing field.
  • You can also arrange the candy in a T or L shape. Actions like this also bring you special candies that you can use to clean up the playing field.
  • Complete the challenges of Mister Toffee and his daughter. Between the levels you will be given certain tasks over and over again. If you are successful, you will get nice candy crush rewards.

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