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Topper: These pads can relieve back pain

If your back hurts when you get up in the morning, in many cases this is not only due to an unfavorable sleeping position, but also to incorrect mattresses.

Since humans spend about a third of their life asleep, that is right onedocument of very special importance.

If you suffer from low back pain or even chronic back pain, you can with one Topper yours Sleep qualityimprove.

Reading tip: Here you can find out what a topper can do for you if you have back pain.

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What is a topper?

A Mattress topper is a pad that is placed on the sleeping pad and fixed with elastic bands at the corners.

On the one hand, the topper ensures that the mattress is more comfortable, which one does Back pain the Sleep quality essential improve can. In addition, mattress toppers are used to optimize the hygienic conditions in bed.

Everyone loses up to half a liter of fluid during the night. The topper absorbs these vapors, which protects the mattress in the long term. At the same time, these are gentle on average 6 cm the mattresses whose lifespan is extended accordingly.

Important isthat you don't mistake the topper for a mattress protector.

Because this overlay lies directly over the slatted frame and protects the mattresses from marks and moisture. However, mattress toppers are expressly designed not only to protect, but also to ensure sleeping comfort precise Support of Musculature and Spine to guarantee.

Is a topper suitable for every bed?

These pads are now available in various sizes and also for other mattresses as well as camping or guest beds. In addition, toppers are an integral part of box spring beds.

Here we have listed the most common sizes of mattress toppers for you:

Now click on your mattress size to take a look at the right topper for you:

Why you need a topper for back pain

If Slatted frame, bed and mattressdo not go together, it is naturally difficult to relax sufficiently during sleep.

It's not just them who suffer from this Muscles, but also the Band washers. The causes are often old, yes saggingMattresses. If the mattress turns into a hammock at night, the spine is overstretched and muscle hardening as well Back pain are the consequences.

Mattresses must neither be too hard nor too soft and must have the naturalshape the Spine support. To avoid this sagging, mattresses that are too firm are often chosen. In doing so, you are doing yourself a disservice with back problems.

The hard surface puts great pressure on muscles, joints and blood vessels. Although hard mattresses may initially be good for your back, subjectively, your joints may be affected in the long term.

In addition to the perceived lying comfort, there is a simple test how you can find out whether your mattress has the right degree of firmness:

  • You discover Indentations, it is an indication that the degree of hardness Not correct is.
  • Another important aspect is that height. That should at least 12 cm so that the spine does not get into an incorrect position during sleep.

If your mattress quality leaves a lot to be desired and you want to achieve a more comfortable and healthier lying position, a Mattress topper possibly bring about this change.

The pad relieves pressure and is therefore relaxing. In addition, the spine receives sufficient support and is supported according to its anatomy. Topper are in different degrees of hardness and materials available.

The right mattress topper can do a lot for your restful sleep, and for one relief the Back pain contribute. Especially if you have a very hard surface.

But there are also limits. Very soft mattresses can only be balanced by a topper to a certain extent. Mattresses that are generally of poor quality are also not particularly upgraded.

If you no If you have a quality mattress, we recommend one New acquisition with a matching one Mattress topper - This way you get to an oasis of well-being for your restful night's sleep and you can also use your Back area support and in many cases also the Back painalleviate!

Topper for back pain - it all depends on the choice of material

There are countless toppers made of different materials on the market, which are aimed at very different needs.

At a Back pain must be the topper anatomicallycorrectsupport and the matchingStop Offer. In the case of back pain, the Pressure relieftoppriorityso that a state of relaxation is achieved.

Below you will get one overview about the 4 materials - cold foam topper, gel topper, viscotopper, & latex topper and which Mattress topper For Side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers at the best suitable is.

Cold foam topper

cold foam is another name for polyurethane and is considered to be area-elastic. This feature is useful for you if you frequently use your Sleeping position change.

The cold foam topper fits automatically adhere to the changedWeight ratios on and yours Freedom of movement remains. That leads to a optimizedSupport force.

My recommendation: the Wendre cold foam topper


Especially as Stomach sleeper you can benefit from this flexible Mattress topper benefit. After the pressure has been applied, the support springs back directly into its original shape.

A cold foam Topper creates a rather hard feeling when lying down. Mattress toppers made of cold foam have open pores, which is what makes the material very good breathable makes. If you sweat a lot at night and don't like it too warm in bed, this material is good for you.

Gel foam topper

Gel foam topper do not respond to heat, only to the pressure on your body. That leads to Back pain to a targetedsupport and discharge as well as a direct Adaptation of Back to the respective sleeping position.

At the same time, the Gel topper your joints and ensures that your muscles can relax while you sleep. Through the Pressure relief will also be a more positiveeffect exerted on blood circulation. Also the Band washers become supported.

My recommendation: The Meos Gel Foam Topper

A combination from a goodmattress and one Gel mattress topper can therefore be a possibility Back pain in sleep too reduce.

A gel foam topper does not form any hollows, but the material springs straight back into its original position. This is idealwhen you have a Move- or Side sleeper are.

For Stomach sleeper with back pain it is important that Mattresses in combination with the Gel topper Be as hard as possible, otherwise there is a possibility that you will fall into a hollow back while you sleep.


A Visco topper consists of a mixture of latex and Viscose foam. If a mattress is very hard, this visco foam topper can make it feel softer.

The material is thermoelastic, which means that the Mattress topper to your Body temperature adapts and at the same time the Back musclesrelieved. However, this also means that it can get very warm in bed. If you prefer it cooler, a different material may be better for you.

My recommendation: Dailydream “Deluxe” visco foam topper


A Viscotopper is a All-rounderwho for all Sleeping positions the back relieved and is appropriate.

As Side sleeper the material offers you the advantage that it can adapt perfectly to the contours of your body. If you prefer the prone position, you should achieve the hardest possible surface with the Visco Topper in order to avoid sinking in.

Back sleeper benefit from the elasticity of the surface. With one restriction: If you have a restless sleep, the memory effect has a detrimental effect on the quality of your sleep. Because after a change in position, the material needs a certain amount of time to spring back into its original shape.

Is your Night sleep calmly, can you do one Viscotopper of Genius Eazzzy but without hesitation Back pain use.

My recommendation: Viscoelastic mattress topper for allergy sufferers from Genius Eazzzy

Latex topper

A Latex topper adapts to your body contours and springs back immediately when you change your sleeping position.

If you have a Side sleeper With Back pain you can from the high Point elasticity of the material especially benefit, since the Latex topper adapts to the course of your spine and thus the move relieved.

My recommendation: toppers made of latex flakes from Evergreenweb


The material has another advantage: Dust mites don't like latex, which is why they get one Latex topper this type is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Orthopedic topper

Sleep should not only be long enough, but above all restful. Unfortunately, many people suffer from back problems of varying degrees.

A orthopedic mattress from specialist retailers can, thanks to their special, back friendly Conception already do a lot for your healthy lying position. Unless your mattress is very old or inferior, you don't have to think about buying a new one straight away.

Because the orthopedic toppers can a Key role in the Prevention or the relief of Back pain play.

My recommendation: Try the Bedsure orthopedic topper now to relieve your back pain

There can be no general recommendation for orthopedic mattress toppers. Because everyone has different needs, preferred ones Sleeping positions and Body measurements. In addition, an orthopedic topper must match your mattress and complement it optimally.

When buying a topper, be sure to pay attention to the following points:

  • anatomically correct support for the back
  • pressure-relieving properties
  • sufficiently high density to provide enough support
  • ergonomic sinking

It can be a good idea to seek advice from your doctor before buying a topper.

Topper: the right height for back pain

When choosing the right mattress topper for back pain, two values ​​are important for you:

  • Core thickness and
  • Thickness of the cover.

Is the core thicker than 6 cm the feeling of lying down is perceived as too soft. With a correspondingly thick one reference the topper reaches quickly 12 cm and more, taking on the dimensions of a mattress. This is exactly what should be avoided, as an overlay that is too thick is no longer able to support the back area with pinpoint accuracy.

As good guideline for the Topper core have 4 cm exposed. At the reference are 2 cm ideal so a total of a thickness of 6 cm is achieved.

A tip for the reference:

Make sure you have a removable and washable cover, otherwise the life of the mattress topper will be significantly reduced!

Which topper hardness level for back pain?

If you have a Topper for back problems want to use, it depends on the degree of hardness.

Not only mattresses, but also toppers are divided into five different levels, which are based on body weight:

  • H1: up to 60 kg body weight
  • H2: 60 to 80 kg
  • H3: 80 to 110 kg
  • H4: 110 to 130 kg
  • H5: more than 130 kg

The body weight is only the framework for an initial orientation. To the best Degree of hardness to find with a topper, personal well-being and the preferred lying position play an important role.

So that you can determine the right degree of hardness, it is important to observe yourself carefully. Looking for to give way and to firm Areas and eighth on the preferred Lying position. Because depending on whether you Move-, belly- or Side sleeper are, he can Degree of hardness change.

If you are sleeping optimally, you select the degree of hardness that corresponds to your body weight. If you prefer it a little softer, you choose the lower degree of hardness.

Example as an orientation: If you weigh 88 kg, that would be H3 in this case.

If you have the impression that you sink too far in your sleep, choose the next higher degree of hardness from the table. Some people even prefer two degrees of hardness more to achieve a feeling of sleeping on the floor. Of which is at Back pain rather not advised.

Are you lying with your Weight in the Border areayou can do the following Rule of thumbnote.

  • As Side sleeper If you have back pain, choose a softer degree of hardness.
  • Are you Belly- or Back sleeper, the higher degree of hardness is usually better for you.

Which topper for hip pain?

Hip pain can have a number of causes. One can be considered Previous illness or one unfavorableSleeping position. So that the hips are not overstretched too much, a topper must be designed in such a way that the pelvis and shoulder region can sink deeply so that the spine forms a straight line.

Important in selecting orthopedic mattress topper is that the sleeping pad noneBack pressure exercises on the hip.

While the gel topper is preferred by sleepers who have lower back pain in the lordosis area, the innerspring would be rather unsuitable due to the high counter pressure. When choosing the topper, pay attention to comfort zones in the lordosis area and sufficient support for your shoulder area.

Constant back pain after sleeping - what to do?

If you have constant back pain after sleeping, you may be lying on the wrong mattress. If it doesn't match your body weight and your preferred sleeping position, it can become persistent Back pain and Tension come.

The back problems usually show up in the lower lower back, and the neck is also often affected. In the case of back pain in the middle of the spine in the morning, muscle tension is often the cause.

Other reasons for back problems can be:

  • one-sided, wrong posture in everyday life
  • Stress and mental stress
  • various acute and chronic diseases
  • Unfavorable indoor climate with temperatures that are too high or too low - ideal are 18 degrees and 50% humidity
  • Noise and drafts
  • Alcohol, medication, and sleeping pills

If you have back pain, you should also think of one in the morning wrong mattress as root cause your back problems - especially in the middle back area. Because the thoracic vertebra area is quite immobile in comparison, which means that bad postures are more noticeable.

A orthopedic mattress topper could make your sleeping pad more comfortable and tension-related Back painalleviate.

Which sleeping position relieves the back?

If you suffer from back pain, you have to pay special attention to requirements for one relaxingNight sleep to accomplish. During the night your body changes its lying position again and again. Sinking too deeply into the mattress can limit or even prevent this natural change of position.

Orthopedic toppers in combination with the right mattress, on the other hand, automatically support your body in balancing out unfavorable positions.

Do you like to sleep in Lateral position With your knees slightly bent, you are in an ideal sleeping position from an orthopedic point of view.You can support them with a point-elastic mattress and the right topper in the area of ​​the pelvis and shoulders.

Mattresses and orthopedic toppers should be tailored to your body weight. Your cervical spine is additionally supported with a small, medium-sized pillow.
Are you Stomach sleeper, this position is considered unfavorable, especially in the case of back problems in the area of ​​the cervical spine.

Orthopedic mattress toppers can be for discharge worry, but you should pay special attention to yours here pillow judge. If this is too high, your neck will bend badly, which can lead to a twisted neck. Take a look at special Belly sleeper pillows from.

If you have back pain in the shoulder area in the morning, you could place a pillow under the affected shoulder. To relieve your neck, you could put a rolled up blanket under one side of your upper body. With that you get into a Side sleeper-like position.

Which sleeping position for sciatica pain?

Sciatica symptoms are characterized by dull or throbbing pain that occurs suddenly. Usually there is only one side of the body of this special back pain affected. However, the pain can radiate through the buttocks to the legs and down to the toes.

Further Symptoms how tingle and Muscle weakness can put a lot of stress on those affected in everyday life. To avoid even more back problems, sciatica is the Sleeping position a importanttheme.

Basically, the back and side positions are suitable for relief.

It is recommendable, for sciatica the Sleeping position at night to alternate. This prevents one-sided strain on the spine and muscles, which causes pain. Up to 40 times your body turns every night while you sleep. This cannot and should not be avoided, whereby the body should not sink too deep into a mattress that is too soft.

Orthopedic mattress toppers can have a balancing effect here. However, only if your sleeping pad is not too soft. Here recommends the New acquisition of matching mattress plus orthopedic topper.

My recommendation: Try the Bedsure orthopedic topper now to relieve your back pain


If you Side sleeper you should be with sciatica the leftBody side to prefer. The relievednerve and organs - important for simultaneous complaints such as heartburn.

The prone position is not recommended for sciatica. The back is easily overstretched into the hollow back, which could result in lower back pain with uncomfortable neck tension and even vertebral blockage.

In acute cases, the stepped positioning could provide a remedy:

  • In the supine position, you push your legs on a pillow or under a blanket.
  • The lower legs are elevated, the hip and knee joints are in angle of 90 degrees bent.

This position, which is also suitable for a short sleep, can in many cases have a pressure-relieving effect on your sciatic nerve.

Which topper for side sleepers?

In contrast to the prone and supine positions, the Side sleep a heightPoint loading on. The sleeper's body weight is mostly focused on the areas Shoulders and Hips.

Orthopedic mattress toppers can help that burden at Back pain better too to distribute. Regardless of the material, it is important that the orthopedic topper is one for you optimalSinking behavior offers.

Mattress toppers for side sleepers can sevencentimeter and higher be. The more height allows your body to do better sink in and thus a convenientSleeping position to find. In addition to the Topper height it depends on the Point elasticity when choosing.

The topper should only yield where the body rests.

This means that it only deforms in the area of ​​the shoulders and hips. If the entire surface gives way, you can no longer sink in, which makes the mat unsuitable for you as a side sleeper - this could result constantlyBack pain be after sleep.

Which topper for which type of mattress?

Do you have a Box spring bed, takes care of the clever one combination out Mattresses, Substructure and Toppers for a comfortable lying feeling. The firmness of the bed and the overlay are already perfectly coordinated.

Lying or pedaling preferences change over time Back pain on, can here with appropriate Toppers light compensation be created.

It looks different with regular beds. Here toppers fit very few mattresses. This is mainly due to the mattress cover. The classic, quilted covers are hardly breathable. In combination with an overlay, the cover collects the moisture released overnight. After a few months, mold spots can form. These are mostly yellowish or brownish discolorations of the cover.

If the cover is made of a breathable fabric, you can get one Mattress topper use. Provided that it is a spring mattress. You can adjust the elasticity of the pocket spring core with a Visco topper complete. This often makes it possible to achieve a better pressure distribution.

Alternatively comes a Cold foam topper the areas of your body that are directly on top of it Back painrelieved.

The combination of cold foam mattress plus mattress topper usually does not work. For one thing, there is a ventilation problem here. On the other hand, a cold foam mattress works with zoning of the foam core. In combination with a topper, the ergonomic effect would be weakened and the opposite effect would be achieved in the case of back pain.

What else you can do for your back

If you have back pain, you have to pay attention to other factors in order to improve your lying quality.

The Degree of hardness you can also use the Slatted frame regulate. Above all, the Shoulder areaso that you sink in more or less deeply depending on your feelings.

Do you want yours Lumbar spinerelieve, you can also raise the slatted frame a little in the lower area, if this is possible. Alternatively, you can use a pillow or one role push it under your knees.

The proper pillows also contributes to one healthySleeping position and discharge from yours move at. Ideally, it is quite flat and as soft as possible so that the relaxation effect is optimally supported.

Your is also crucial Sleeping position. Man is a creature of habit, but you are belly- or Side sleeper and suffer from Back paincan you the Supine position distinct discharge bring.

Because that is the sleeping position for yours move usually on best suitable is. This requires a change at the beginning, but here you have a possibility like yours Back pain additionally alleviate can.