Make us healthy again isaac

Make us whole again, Isaac!

It's done: I made the Dead Space nightmare! That sounds negative at first, but in itself it describes it really well. Because I've seldom experienced such an atmospherically dense game. The FSK18 is right, however. Nonetheless, it's immensely well-rounded as a game and well done. It's like an interactive ghost train.

"Dead Space" makes use of the broad genre of sci-fi horror everywhere - from the different "Alien" parts to "Event Horizon". Anyone who feels comfortable in this genre will have a lot of fun with “Dead Space”, because there you can experience exactly such things: weightlessness, dizziness, shortness of breath, helplessness, intrigues, the supernatural, machines that never do what they do should, rooms where you know exactly why you don't want to go in and of course - monsters!

Surely a lot of people will get caught up in the tactical dismemberment of the monsters, but for me that was definitely not the core element of the game. Much more it was the masterful handling of the clichés, with expectations, with classic cat-scare effects. You are seldom surprised by the plot, but you don’t need to. It's almost a lot more malicious, because you pretty much know what is waiting for you and you say to yourself in front of the screen: “Oh no! I'll just stand here and do nothing, okay? Maybe it will go away by itself. "

At some point you get the feeling for the game and you know pretty much where a robbery is taking place, which rooms are predestined that suddenly monsters crawl out of the fan shafts, where you can best stand - and the game makes no secret either therefore. In many places it seems as if it is grinning maliciously at you and saying: “Hey, hey, yes, I know that you know that I am about to surprise you. Come anyway, if you dare! ”And although you are internally prepared, you flinch when exactly what you suspected happens.

I can really only pay my respects for such a successful and well-rounded game. It captivated and fascinated me tremendously, even if in between I really thought: “No, no longer works” - and then I took a break more than once, because it really gets down to business.

So: If you like the genre (sci-fi monster horror), if you are not afraid of a title that is FSK18 and rightly so, if you have no problem with a 3rd person shooter, you can play "Dead Space"! It's really worth it and I'm already looking forward to the second part, which has been lying around here for some time. However, I will only be satisfied with a calmer and more nerve-friendly PS3 game for now. I'll need that before I'm ready for the second part of the nightmare.