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In modern society, every detail plays an important role. All girls want to look beautiful and flawless. Stylists each time dictate their own rules, bringing new and new shapes of eyebrows into fashion.

A few years ago the "strings" shape was at the height of popularity. Girls and women tried to pull their natural brows out as much as possible and bring them into the desired shape. Often, excessive plucking of the hair has not only thinned the forehead, but also radically changed the structure of the hair. The hair became thin and brittle, in the worst case no overgrown areas could appear.

Now natural beauty reigns supreme, the thickness of the eyebrows is as close as possible to their natural shape. However, this fact does not mean that they do not need to be corrected. Every girl spends many hours every day getting one step closer to the image of the model on the front page. Lately, eyebrows have become the accent that is so important to highlight. Correctly decorated eyebrows are the highlight of any makeup.


Shaping the eyebrows can be done in a number of ways. Someone pulls out hair with special cosmetic tweezers, others prefer depilation with wax or wax strips, the most daring perform the correction with a thread. One of the less dangerous and traumatic skin methods can be called a haircut.

Usually girls who correct eyebrows prefer specialized salons. The master not only chooses the right form for the corresponding type of person, but also carries out the procedure without serious consequences.

Corrections should be done regularly, as hair that has grown too long not only looks strange and inappropriate, but sloppy too.

But many representatives of the fair sex are preoccupied with one question - is it possible to arrange the eyebrows at home as beautifully as in the salon, what is needed for this and how to achieve the desired result.

Trimming eyebrows is the least painful method. Any girl can cut her eyebrows, no special skills are required.

The main thing - accuracy and accuracy.

Necessity of the procedure

Haircut is suitable for those who have too long, thick and naughty eyebrow hair.

An eyebrow contains an average of five to six hundred hairs. Without proper care and correction, hair grows chaotically and in different directions. From that eyebrow it looks overgrown and ugly.

First of all, you should decide on the shape and thickness you want. Should take into account the shape of the face.

If the oval face shape is better, avoid eyebrows with a noticeable sharp bend. It is better to arrange the arch of the eyebrows in the form of a smooth line with a slightly raised tip.

Chubby girls do well for edges with a soft tear and a slight bend. Owners of square or rectangular faces fit straight eyebrows without creases and creases.

The most versatile and suitable for all types of faces are the eyebrows in the form of an arch. A soft arc softens sharp features and emphasizes a smooth appearance.

It is important to arrange the eyebrows symmetrically to each other. Symmetry is the key to success in the correction process.

Advantages and disadvantages

Face cutting has many advantages. First of all, it's the accessibility and painlessness of the method. Plucking with special tweezers is often painful and requires extreme care and concentration. Haircut does not cause such obvious discomfort on the skin.

Trimming doesn't take much time. On average, the procedure takes 10 to 15 minutes. Just a quarter of an hour - and you look perfect.

Cutting off the eyebrows implies the appearance of short hair. This means that a woman does not have to deal with long hair, does not need to constantly correct its position, and does not need to fix it with gel or other means for styling eyebrows. Cut hair fits perfectly and does not bristle. This significantly reduces the time it takes to put on makeup.

Fast hair regrowth is also a definite plusIf a flaw occurs (such as the wrong design or hair that is cut too heavily), the hair will recover quickly and you can get rid of the downside.

The haircut is a universal method of correction, as it is suitable for both men and women.

Natural, natural eyebrows are now at the peak of popularity. And by cutting this shape is much easier.

However, this method has its drawbacks. You can not often overdo it with a haircut, otherwise the structure of the hair will be broken. With frequent mechanical impacts with the scissors, the hair thickens and grows chaotically. Because of the thickening, the hair becomes stiff and difficult to style and color.

Although this correction method is safe, there is still a risk of a cut when working with sharp scissors. Therefore, be extremely careful and do not rush to correct it.

Care and careful observance protect you from possible cuts and injuries.


Undoubtedly, in the salon, you are making professional eyebrows. But not all girls go to the salon for a haircut, because it is safe to do this at home.

To get the eyebrows cut properly, you need to know a few tricks.

  • It is best to cut with a small pair of scissors. You can use nail scissors as these are small and have a curved tip. With the help of a curved tip, it is easier to cut the hair to the root.
  • Without a special eyebrow brush, you can use a simple comb or a well-washed mascara brush. If you plan to use an old mascara brush, rinse it thoroughly with micellar water or eye makeup remover and dry it off beforehand. This will wash away the remains of the carcass from the brush and prevent the appearance of germs and various bacteria.
  • Be sure to disinfect instruments and skin before the procedure. Suitable medical alcohol or chlorhexidine. Avoid contact with these eyes.
  • Trimming eyebrows at home should be done in daylight. If there is no possibility of performing the procedure in the afternoon, it is worth paying attention to adequate lighting in the dark. In poor lighting conditions, there is a risk that eyebrows will be cut incorrectly and the symmetry of the arcs will be broken.

Consider the steps of eyebrow sculpting. First we determine the appropriate shape. To do this, draw an approximate outline. Drawing an outline makes the hairstyle easier and helps avoid mistakes. You can use special stencils for drawing.

If you have difficulty creating the contour, you can "markup" the eyebrows. Use a normal pencil or pen to do this. In front of the mirror, lean a pencil against your face parallel to your face. The tip of the pen should be in the corner of your eye. This will be the beginning of your forehead.

Move the pen closer to the pupil of the eye. Its center becomes the “summit of the arch” - a place where it is worth making a curve.

Now you need to arrange the pencil so that its beginning is on the wing of the nose, the middle crossed the outer corner of the eye. The place where the end of the pencil is will become the place where the brow arch ends.

In the second phase of the haircut, you should comb the hair upwards. Those that protrude beyond the contour indicated by pencil should not be cut more than a mm or two above the contour line.

Next, the hair should be combed down and cut past the contour mark.

The rest of the hair is combed along the line of growth. Excessive shoots in the tanning room can also be cut with scissors or pulled out with tweezers.

Care tips

How often do you have to do the haircut - a relatively controversial topic that does not have an exact answer. It all depends on the characteristics of a particular person. Experienced experts advise doing the haircut at least every two weeks. During this time, a woman gets new hair.

With a combined eyebrow shaping (scissors and tweezers) you prefer a haircut first. The tweezers hold the final setting - removing unruly hair that couldn't be cut.

Be extremely careful during the process and do not let other things distract you.

For cutting, you can use a trimmer or special scissors with a limiter.

With their help, you can only edit the areas that need to be corrected.

Nice examples

Properly decorated eyebrows will be the highlight of the whole picture. Look at a few examples.

For chubby girls Brovi fit with a characteristic break. Due to their correct shape, the face is visually pulled out. With this shape, the features are usually soft and smooth.

Owner of an oval face It should be noted that her face is elongated in shape. You should have long arched eyebrows. The face is visually "cut" when it is unnecessarily shortened.

If you square faceThe main task is to even out the excessive geometry of the face and visually reduce its most prominent part - the jaw. Therefore, the eyebrows must be slightly rounded when shaping to soften the arc, without "corners" and abrupt transitions. It is important to note that with this face shape, very thin "strings" will not fit and will not look in the right place. The ideal option would be natural eyebrows of medium thickness.

Principle of eyebrow shaping with a rectangular face the same as on the pitch, but with some differences. First, the forehead should be longer, which will make it much easier to narrow the face. Second, the bend shouldn't be too high.

"Heart" or triangular face type - famous for his large forehead, and from this the face seems heavy. Correctly shaped eyebrows should fix this. Straight eyebrows are irrelevant, a cross between arched eyebrows or a raised "tail" is appropriate. However, if you lower this “tail” too far, the look immediately becomes sad.

Diamond shape or diamond shape. Quite a rare face shape. It is characterized by angularity and sharpness of features. In this case, the ideal option would be a raised eyebrow. A sharp brow break only increases the angularity, and straight eyebrows visually cut the face in half.

For more information on how to trim your eyebrows, see the video below.

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