How many different dogs played lassie

American Collie - American Collie - Robust longhair dog

The Collie (American Collie, American Collie) should not only be a household name thanks to Lassie, not only dog ​​fans know this long-haired dog breed with the noble face.

The collie was descended from dogs that lived in Scotland were once used as a shepherd dog. With the discovery of America and the emigration to the New World, this type of dog also found its way across the pond.


American collie and European collie

Although there are still great visual similarities between the American Collie and the European Collie, there are still great differences between the two breeding forms today. The American Collie, of all places, is not recognized by the FCI (International Dog Association). But there is an AKC breed standard (AKC = American Kennel Club).

The American collie is more compact, larger and also a little heavier than its English relative. While the English long-haired Collie is reduced or limited to three color variations in the breed standard, the American Collie is available in more permitted color variations.


Lassie - probably the most famous long-haired collie

Lassie (which means something like girl) was a long-haired collie dog. Lassie has been the main character in various books that have also made it to the silver screen and television. Lassie was created in 1938 when the American writer Eric Knight published the short story Lassie Come Home (Lassie come home). The first Lassie novel was published just two years later.

  • 1938 Lassie Come Home short story in a US newspaper.
  • 1940 First Lassie novel
  • 1943 First Lassie film (Lassie come Home)
  • 1954-1973 television series Lassie
  • from 1956 book series TV dog Lassie
  • 1973-1975 Lassie’s Rescue Rangers (animated series)
  • 2005 The most recent Lassie film to date: Lassie Returns
  • 2020 is coming Lassie - An adventurous journey in the cinemas. The start date is February 20, 2020

Lassie short story

The short story was about a boy from Yorkshire. When his family gets into economic difficulties, he is forced to sell his beautiful and loyal Collie bitch. She finds her new home with a nobleman who lives hundreds of kilometers away from the boy. Neither the boy nor Lassie can cope with the breakup and so Lassie flees. The story was also made into a film in 1943. The title Lassie come Home became homesick in German. Also there Elizabeth Taylor. Since then, many more films have been made, with such success that Lassie was one of three dogs, alongside Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart, to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The first dog to play Lassie on the television series was a male named Pal, whose owner Rudd Weatherwax also trained him. Some of his descendants also played the role of Lassie. Lassie was mostly played by males because their fur is fuller and more "telegenic" than that of female dogs. For celebrity appearances at dog shows in the USA there is one animal that is considered an "official lassie".

Lassie - The full-length German film from 1943