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Human resource management

Due to the advancing digitization, many processes are automatically filled out by intelligent programs. Some software manufacturers now incorporate functions as standard that guarantee the automated deletion of data that is no longer relevant.

A good option for the HR department is an external service in the form of cloud applications. These do not cost any storage space on in-house computers and the data can be stored on servers in a data center. When selecting such a provider, however, it is important that they can demonstrate data protection certification according to GDPR, for example the "TCDP Trusted Cloud data protection profile for cloud services".

The location of the hosted server is also of immense importance: If this is, for example, in the USA, any state may access the server without a court order. This applies not only to companies in the USA, but also to European subsidiaries of US companies. The responsible persons should make absolutely sure that the servers of the software service provider are located in Europe - a location outside Europe or the EU member states is not GDPR-compliant!

Automated data transfer to authorities

The automated data transfer is a relief for the administration in many respects. Documents no longer have to be printed out and filed or sent, but can be conveniently filed or transmitted at the push of a button.

This is not only a time saving, the environment is also protected by the enormous saving of paper.

The most common processes at this point are:

  • Pay slips
  • Vacation management
  • Working time recording including overtime
  • Downtime due to illness, maternity leave, parental leave, etc.
  • Turnover data

Digital personnel file

This is one of the most popular functions in computer-aided personnel management. Among other things, the following data is stored in this:

All authorized persons (such as the relevant employee or the works council) have access to the personnel file. The digital personnel file offers several advantages: There are no waiting times, as several people can work on it at the same time, and the digital version does not take up any space in the form of an archive.