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Salary table: This is how much you can really earn

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Money is not everything in life. However, the euros in the employment contract and in the account remain outstanding criteria for choosing a job. The salary table gives you an overview of how much is paid in different professions, industries and companies. In this way you can better assess your own market value, prepare salary negotiations or satisfy your own curiosity. You don't talk about money - we do it anyway. We have evaluated numerous current salary tables here - for industries, top earners, young professionals and interns. Find out if you deserve what you deserve ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Salary table 2020: All salaries in comparison

How much you can currently earn depends largely on these factors:

  • The labour market - that is, the relationship between supply and demand.
  • The Average salary Your industry and your profession.
  • And your personal negotiation skills.

In fact, the wages (or “earnings”) are freely negotiable, provided there is no statutory minimum wage regulation or a collective agreement (see TVöD) for the job. However, it is always the gross salary ("annual gross" or "monthly gross") that is negotiated, not the net salary.

In Germany, the average gross salary is EUR 3,771 per month (source: Federal Statistical Office). For specialists and managers, the average is 4840.83 euros.

These factors determine your income

In addition to your profession and industry, there are other factors that can influence your gross salary. Employees in the same job and in the same industry do not earn the same by a long way. The following influencing factors affect your salary:

  • position
    The clear realization: Higher positions deserve more. Professional advancement is always reflected in the salary. Personnel responsibility in particular can mean a significant leap in salary comparison.
  • Experience
    Increasing professional experience pays off. Beginners earn significantly less than experienced specialists. Employees between the ages of 40 and 50 earn the best on average.
  • Subject
    Not every subject leads to a high-paying career. The subject, however, has a major impact on the future salary. Even for young professionals, the difference can be 15,000 euros or more per year.
  • Branch
    Some areas (chemical or banking) pay particularly well. Other sectors (tourism, culture or advertising) are paid less. This can be seen in the salary comparison.
  • Company size
    Large corporations pay significantly higher salaries on average than small companies. The fewer employees a company has, the worse it does on average in a salary comparison.
  • federal state
    There are major regional differences in Germany. In the east in particular, wages are lower. Big cities tend to pay more than rural areas.

You should always keep this in mind when using a salary table. This will give you a clue. A possible starting point for salary negotiations. What ultimately ends up in your account remains largely a question of individual compromises.

Salary tables: salaries by industry

Salaries vary enormously - from state to state, from industry to industry, and from area to area. Above all, professional experience is always decisive for the salary.

The following salary table shows how professional experience in different areas affects the salary. Please note, however, that the values ​​in the salary table are average salaries. Individually negotiated wages and earnings can differ from this:

Average annual salaries by industry

Every year, various studies, surveys and salary tables are created to provide an overview of pay in different industries and professions. One of them is the payroll of the recruitment agency Robert Half. On this basis, we have created the following salary tables. They show what employees with several years of professional experience in finance and accounting, in the IT sector and in the commercial sector can earn:

Finance and accounting

job profileAnnual gross (⌀)
Accounting clerk38,000 euros
Financial accountant47,000 euros
Accountant60,000 euros
head of accounting48,000 euros
Controller65,000 euros
Sales controller55,000 euros
Tax clerk45,750 euros
Financial analyst72,000 euros
tax consultant76,250 euros
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)144,500 euros

IT area

job profileAnnual gross (⌀)
IT team leader76,250 euros
IT project manager75,000 euros
PC technician35,500 euros
Application developer70,000 euros
Database administrator52,250 euros
Web developer65,000 euros
Network administrator53,000 euros
Software developer62,500 euros
SAP consultant80,000 euros
Software engineer61,000 euros
System administrator54,000 euros
Chief Information Officer (CIO)130,000 euros

Commercial area

job profileAnnual gross (⌀)
secretary36,000 euros
Executive Assistant45,000 euros
Real estate agent34,000 euros
Sales assistant41,500 euros
Sales clerk39,000 euros
HR manager41,500 euros
Call center agent26,000 euros
client advisor38,500 euros
Purchaser50,750 euros
Personnel Officer54,750 euros
personnel manager78,000 euros

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Top earner: This is where you earn the most money

It is no surprise that you can earn very well as the CEO, top manager or managing director of a successful company. Those who make it to the top of the career ladder are also in the top regions in a salary table.

There are also other professions and job profiles in which you are also among the top earners, but do not necessarily have to belong to the top of the company. These can be found primarily in the financial sector and in the medical sector:

The top earning professions in Germany

The following salary table does not claim to be complete. For example, air traffic controllers and pilots also earn very well and are among the top earners.

jobAnnual gross (⌀)
Senior physician115,000 euros
Mergers & Acquisitions Specialist100,000 euros
Fund manager84,000 euros
Specialist81,000 euros
key account manager75,000 euros
Regional Sales Manager74,500 euros
Actuary71,000 euros
sales Manager67,500 euros
Securities dealers65,000 euros
Business developer62,500 euros

Salary table for young professionals

You don't make that big money as a young professional yet. That only changes over time and career. However, here too there are considerable differences in income between professions and industries.

The following lists and tables show the respective gross monthly starting salary for the most popular occupations. By clicking on “To the job profile”, you get to a comprehensive job profile - with an overview of training, career prospects and application tips.

Engineering, IT & technology

Trade, sales & logistics

Management, finance & consulting

Services & Freelance Professions

Health & Social


Public service

Salary table for interns

For some years now, interns have also benefited from the minimum wage. Internships of up to three months as well as compulsory internships as part of your studies are excluded. There is no entitlement for everyone, but above all for voluntary internships that last longer than three months.

Nevertheless, the effect of the minimum wage is noticeably positive. According to the internship index, interns receive an average of 1098.67 euros per month. Before the introduction of the minimum wage, it was 300 euros less. For a compulsory internship, the salary is now 940 euros, while voluntary internships bring in around 1,240 euros. However, the industry differences remain noticeable:

job profileAnnual gross (⌀)
Business consulting, auditing1,420.31 euros
IT, Internet & Telecommunications1,262.37 euros
Banking, Finance & Insurance1,240.78 euros
Consumer goods and durables1,233.48 euros
Health and Pharma1,109.64 euros
Media and marketing1,087.13 euros
chemistry1,066.67 euros
Research and science1,003.67 euros
Aerospace1,000.00 euros
Construction / industry996.92 euros
Education and training983.00 euros
Vehicle construction / suppliers911.47 euros
Transport and logistics872.98 euros
Electrical engineering, precision mechanics and optics861.15 euros
Mechanical and plant engineering843.48 euros
(Personnel) services836.61 euros
Energy, construction and raw materials809.35 euros

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