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Roles in a teams meeting

When organizing a meeting with multiple participants, you can assign roles to each participant to determine who can do what in the meeting.

There are two roles to choose from: Presenter and Attendees. Moderators can do pretty much anything they need to do in a meeting while having more control over a participant's role.

The specific functions of each role are listed below:





Talking and sharing videos

Participate in the meeting chat

Share content

Privately view a PowerPoint file shared by someone else

Take control of someone else's PowerPoint presentation

Muting other participants

Prevent attendees from being inconvenient to mute themselves

Remove attendees

Grant people from the waiting area

Change the roles of other participants

Start or stop recording

Start or stop live transcription

Change meeting roles

Before a meeting

You must send the meeting invitation before you can assign roles.

After you do this, switch to calendar , click the meeting you just created, and select Meeting options.

This will take you to a webpage where you can find a few under Who Can Present See options.

Who can present?

Follow this option


Anyone with access to the meeting link will join the meeting as the presenter.

People in my organization

Only people in your organization are presenters. External participants take part as participants.

Certain persons

Only people you choose from the invitee list are presenters. All other people will participate as participants.

Only with me

Only the organizer is an organizer. All other participants participate as participants.

Note a few things:

  • You need to send your meeting invitation directly to everyone you want to select as the presenter.

  • You cannot select a person from any other organization as a lecturer.

Note: The ability to select specific presenters is not yet available for channel meetings.

During a meeting

There are two ways to change a person's role while a meeting is in progress:

1. Switch to calendar , click the meeting, and choose Meeting options. Use the drop-down menu for Who can present? to select a new presenter.

Note: If the meeting repeats, any changes that you made apply in Change the meeting options for all recurring meetings.

2. Click on participants Show in the meeting controls to see a list of everyone in the meeting.

Hover over the name of the person whose role you want to change and click More Options . Choose from there from Make a presenter or Make an attendee from.


  • If the meeting occurs regularly, role assignments made in this way only apply to the current occurrence of the meeting. On future occurrences, participants will keep their assigned role on the page Meeting options at.

  • If someone leaves the meeting and later joins the meeting again, they will come back in with the last role assigned to them.