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Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to buy the perfect car or to sell your previous one. The various contact points have different advantages and disadvantages.

  • Trade-in: The easiest way to get rid of your used vehicle is to trade-in at the dealer who also delivers the new car. This means that there is no gap between "selling" and "buying" that might have to be filled with an expensive rental car. Disadvantage: New car dealers usually pay less than specialized used car companies and private buyers. Or, in return, they are less revealing about their discounts. The exception are lucrative special offers for trade-ins, with which some automakers occasionally advertise. The dealership can be a good place to go for used car buyers. With your own brand, the price level is usually a little higher, but the vehicle stock is usually very well maintained. Foreign brands, on the other hand, are often offered cheaply. The sales stock of vehicles in the cheap segment is usually rather small.
  • The used car dealer: Serious second-hand businesses are a good address to get rid of an old vehicle quickly and easily, or to secure a new one. With a little negotiating skills, you can achieve a higher average purchase price than at a car dealership and usually also buy cheaper. The so-called "Schwacke list" provides information on guide prices.
  • Special case: cars of little value. Vehicles that are old and / or in poor condition are often rejected by normal used car dealers, as they take on a high risk when reselling them due to the statutory warranty obligation. In order to sell them anyway, it is advisable to sell them privately or to special export dealers.
  • How do I recognize a good used car dealer? A sparkling glass palace as such says nothing about the quality of the offer. A used vehicle stock that appears to be severely neglected does, however. Dirty and carelessly crowded vehicles are not a good indicator and suggest a lack of care when handling the cars. It should also be possible to take a test drive at any time. If you want to be on the safe side, friends and acquaintances recommend reliable dealers to you. In this case, however, you may only be able to fall back on a regional offer.
  • Used car markets, held regularly in parking lots and other locations, provide another way of selling or buying cars. The regional media provide tips. Caution: At some events there are mainly dealers who only want to buy at low prices and sellers with dubious offers.
  • For buyers, the private market offers a wide range of options, but also some dangers. There is usually no warranty or guarantee and the seriousness of the providers is of an extremely fluctuating level. And the prices are not always cheaper than at the dealer. AvD members who doubt whether their dream vehicle is technically in order can use the value check for 10 euros for a Dekra used vehicle valuation.
  • Private sales usually offer lucrative conditions, but depending on the car model, success often requires a little patience. Disadvantage: Since nobody can know when the car keys will actually be handed over, it can happen that you suddenly find yourself without a car. Or there is no interested party for the “old”, although the invoice for the “new” is already due. A must: Always present the car in a clean and tidy condition, this increases the attractiveness and is reflected in the achievable price.
  • There are also some things to consider when it comes to contracts: private sellers should definitely exclude the guarantee. A sales contract sample document with all the points to be observed can be downloaded here. The more information that is set down in writing when purchasing, the better.
  • If the buyer wants to take a test drive, it is essential to have a valid driver's license shown. It is also advisable to accompany him. Vehicles have often been stolen on this occasion and worthless and forged documents left behind as collateral.
  • If it comes to a purchase, it is strongly recommended not to be fobbed off with a partial amount, check or bank transfer. You can only be on the safe side if you receive the full amount in cash. For security reasons, it may be advisable to have a witness with you at the handover or to deposit the money with the buyer at the bank. This also eliminates the risk of counterfeit money. The vehicle handover takes place ideally without license plates, if necessary it should be agreed with the buyer that he will take care of the transfer license plates. If all of this is not possible, the insurance company and the registration office should be informed immediately about the change in ownership. This is important in the event that the buyer does not re-register the car in time. An important tip for freelancers: some groups like doctors and architects who sell their company cars are legally treated like entrepreneurs. So, like retailers, you have to vouch for the statutory warranty towards consumers.


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