Big Hyaene against Loewe, who would win

I would choose the bear every day, especially the sun bear.

"Props to Wong Siew Te, Defender of the Sun Bear."

Sun bears are the smallest bears and rarely hunt large prey. As a result, my best choice would be to take on this guy.

If I'm being honest, I'd probably put any bear except the polar bear over a lion or a tiger.

"I'm fucked up, am I not?" - Shadow man

If you ignore the prehistoric and polar bears, all of these bears have one thing in common. They are mainly herbivores. While bears are powerful animals, even the large brown bears feed 60–90% on plants. That said, there's a good chance one of these bears will walk away on its own without a fight. But like I said, if this is a fight to the death, the only animal I could possibly beat is the sun bear, and even then it would be an uphill fight.

While I probably wouldn't have a fair chance against any of my potential enemies, I would always get these two pure predators under control.

"Looks like meat back on the menu guys!"

Thanks for the A2A.

If the choice is a black bear and either a tiger or a lion, I would choose the black bear every time. They are the smaller species of bears, although not as small as pandas.

If the choice is between a brown bear, i.e. a grizzly bear, I'd rather fight a lion. While the lion trains more in individual combat than the lone tiger, it is trained to fight other lions, not humans.

Black bears average between 200 and 300 pounds in males, while male grizzly bears average between 400 and 700 pounds.

Male tigers weigh an average of 200 to 600 pounds, depending on the species, while male lions weigh an average of 300 to 400 pounds.

A nice study on average, although I probably wouldn't have to fight this snuggly trio.

In general, when all other things are the same, the bigger fighter wins, which doesn't improve my chances with any of them.

Unless all other things are the same.

Black bears and lions cannot make fire, spears, clubs, axes or evil traps. I happen to know how to create a lot of nasty improvised weapons and traps and I created them. Any of these things would help balance out your fight with one of these animals - but of the three black bears or lions, they are the smaller average size.

While you can't rule out strangely unfortunate circumstances in such imaginary competitions (like meeting the real-life equivalent of Scar or the greatest modern lion ever made), I think black bears and lions would make the easier enemies of the three. I would rather control this main factor a little more in my favor.

Learning the behavior of big cats has been a hobby study of mine for many years. I studied bear behavior much less. I would hope this would help me anticipate the lion's behavior.

Since I would never have the economies of scale in such a competition, intelligence and knowledge would have to help me to assert myself.