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Michelle Hunziker: Open words about marriage to Tomaso Trussardi

Michelle Hunziker has been happily married for six years. But between her and Tomaso Trussardi, as in every marriage, things are sometimes less harmonious, as she is now saying.

Michelle Hunziker, 43, and Tomaso Trussardi, 37, are a real dream couple. The presenter and the entrepreneur married on October 10, 2020 and are parents of two daughters Sole, seven, and Celeste, five. Together they live a happy family life in their home in Bergamo, Italy. But perfect marital happiness also takes a little work.

Michelle Hunziker: "We fight too"

"We also argue, like all couples," admits Michelle in an interview with "Bild der Frau" and admits: "That's probably how it is in a marriage and it is certainly not always easy. In a relationship you have to change every day fight his luck. " Clear words from the happy Swiss woman.

Since their home in Italy was particularly badly affected by the corona crisis, the family of four had to stay at home for a long time and spend a lot of time together. Fortunately, she and husband Tomaso also know the secret of a harmonious relationship: "The fact that we always make our respective point of view very clear, speak openly with each other and there is a lot of communication."

Michelle Hunziker She shines with Celeste sunshine

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Honest words about parenting

Michelle Hunziker also claims to give her best when raising her daughters Sole, Celeste and 23-year-old Aurora from her marriage to singer Eros Ramazzotti, 57, as she recently explained in an interview with GALA. "We are not perfect beings. Every evening when I go to bed I ask myself whether I did everything well and right. Sometimes it may not have been so. Then you have to try to do better the next day." so the honest words of the blonde.

Comeback as a presenter on German TV

From the end of November Michelle Hunziker can be seen again as a presenter on German television. She will host the new Sat.1 vocal show "Pretty in Pl├╝sch". "I'm really excited about it. After recently doing a lot in Italy, I'm looking forward to the new shows in Germany and I'm very excited to see what we will see and hear there," Hunziker told "Bild".

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