Maliha means who Jesus is in the Koran

Jesus in Islam: What does he mean for Muslims?


Jesus has different meanings for Christians and Muslims. Christians consider him the Son of God and thus the origin of their faith. For Muslims, he is one of the most important prophets of the Koran because he announced the coming of Muhammad. In contrast to Jews and Christians, a distinction is made in the Koran between the work of a simple prophet (Arabic: nabi) and that of a messenger of God (Arabic: rasul). Jesus is referred to as the Messenger of God because, in addition to his prophetic work, he received revelations from God, which led to the text of the Gospel and thus to a book religion recognized in Islam.


God created Jesus through his word

The Koran leaves no doubt about the special position of the Prophet Jesus. God created him by his word:


See, Jesus is like Adam before God.
He made him out of dust, then he said to him:
"Be!" And then he was.
(Sura 3:59)


And Jesus is a messenger of God:


He is a messenger (rasul) of God.
(Sura 5:75)


Jesus: Controversial bearer of another revelation

Like Moses, Jesus is considered to be the messenger of a revelation, the Gospel:


We brought the book to Moses and had the messengers follow him.
And to Jesus, Mary's son, we brought the evidence
and strengthened him with the Holy Spirit.
But every time a messenger brought you something
what you didn't like, you became arrogant.
Then you called them a liar
but you killed the others.
(Sura 2:87)


The Messenger Jesus as the herald of pure Islam and the maker of miracles

According to Islamic tradition, Jesus, strengthened by the Holy Spirit, spread God's message, pure Islam, through words and miracles:


Back when God said: “Jesus, Son of Mary!
Remember my grace that I showed you and your mother!
Back when I strengthened you with the Holy Spirit
so that you should speak to the people -
in the cradle and as a mature man.
Back when I taught you -
the book, wisdom, the Torah, and the gospel.
And back when you made something out of clay
what was in the shape of birds, with my permission,
then blew it on so that it really became birds, with my permission,
and healed the blind and the lepers, with my permission,
then blew it on so that it really became birds, with my permission,
and when you brought out the dead, with my permission,
Back when I kept the children of Israel away from you
when you came to them with the evidence
then said the unbelievers among them:
"That's nothing but clear magic!"
(Sura 5: 110)


The Prophet Muhammad is announced by the Messenger Jesus

Jesus also announced “Ahmad” as the coming prophet, which for Muslims is a clear reference to the prophet Muhammad. Numerous hadiths (deeds and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad) also support the Islamic belief in Jesus ‘return at the end of time as a judge:


When Jesus, the son of Mary, said:
"You children of Israel, behold, I am sent to you by God,
to confirm what was of the law before me
and to announce a messenger who will come after me
and whose name is Ahmad! "
(Sura 61: 6)


God exalts Jesus and appoints him as a judge

Back when God said:


“Jesus, see, I want to take you to me
and elevate you
and cleanse you from those who disbelieve
and put those who follow you above those who disbelieve,
until the day of resurrection.
Then your return is to me.
I will judge between you in that in which you were at odds.
(Sura 3.55)


Did the prophet Jesus die on the cross or was he taken by God beforehand?

The interpretations of Jesus death on the cross and his resurrection are central differences between Muslims and the Christian creed.