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Smoking | Tar and nicotine

The main ingredient in a cigarette is tobacco. These are the many brown crumbs that are rolled up in the cigarette paper. Tobacco is actually a plant with green leaves. These leaves are dried for cigarettes and this gives them their brown color.

Nicotine - a natural poison

The leaves of the tobacco plant contain the substance nicotine. This is how the plant repels pests - so it is a kind of natural poison. And nicotine is also in the dried, shredded cigarette tobacco. When you light a cigarette, the tobacco burns and with the smoke the nicotine enters the lungs and is absorbed by the body. Nicotine makes the heart beat faster, so the blood is pumped through the veins at high speed - a good feeling for many. The bad thing is that the body gets used to the nicotine and its consequences. He constantly craves new nicotine. If he doesn't get it, the smoker gets quite nervous. Nicotine is the addictive component of the cigarette. And that happens very quickly.

Tar damages the lungs

But there is another dangerous substance in tobacco: tar. He too gets into the lungs with the smoke. There are many tiny hairs on the walls of the lungs. They work in a similar way to a brush and use wave-like movements to transport inhaled dirt out of the lungs. But the tar is very heavy, it lays on the hairs and breaks them. So they can no longer protect the lungs from the dirt. Incidentally, anyone who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day consumes an average of one glass of tar a year.

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