Minecraft, how to sort non-stackable items

  • Howdy Masterrar42,
    both variants load the server equally. The light updates mentioned by Timmy1404 are not a problem, as they are only generated on the client side due to the special conditions on Kadcon and therefore do not burden the server additionally. The structure you proposed with the observer blocks can be further optimized, making this variation a little more resource-efficient. There is a third variant of your two suggestions, which works much more efficiently and faster; see image.

    Best regards, Dalavar
  • Is there an efficient system to separate stackable items from unstackable ones without having to sort them completely?
    Basically one could orientate oneself on the signal strength of a comparator, but how one can implement this efficiently and without loss is another question.
  • Howdy wwtom,
    It is easiest if you use a sorting module that sorts non-stackable items. All items that have not been sorted out after the module are then stackable items.

    To explain to interested readers of this thread:
    Sorting modules, which are supposed to sort out all non-stackable objects in an unspecific manner, all work according to the same functional principle. In contrast to the modules for stackable objects, a "programmed" hopper that is supposed to sort out a specific stackable object is dispensed with here. The comparator therefore moves one level up and checks a funnel in the main transport channel. Non-stackable objects always generate the signal strength in a funnel: 2 This property is used here to activate the funnel directly under the transport channel if there is currently a non-stackable object in the funnel above. However, this module has one weak point and that is the lack of overflow protection. For this reason, it is advisable to always install this module at the very beginning of a sorting system.

    Best regards, Dalavar
  • Hello @Dalavar,
    you had this option to transport items and I recreated them, but I have the problem that the minecart lingers in the unloading station. I do not know if it should be like that and if I have to put a line there to start to start the Minecart or if I had a mistake while building.
  • Hello Timo Speyer,
    the situation you describe can arise for two reasons.
    1. The goods trolley did not transport any items on arrival at the unloading station, so nothing could be unloaded.
    2. The goods cart has unloaded items, but the chunk was unloaded at the moment when the last item was in the first funnel under the cart. In this case the situation can arise that the toggle switch does not work and the cart remains in the station.
    Both situations are intentional and are intended to prevent the freight cart from being permanently active. I have put another picture for you from the other side of the stations where you can see a button on a red block on the right. With this button you can start the cart again. The entire circuit can be expanded by a further control circuit that checks whether the goods cart in the unloading station is empty and whether there are still any objects in the loading station. If both conditions apply, the goods cart is automatically dispatched again. If you are interested, I can present this extension here. Otherwise, just use the button.

    Best regards, Dalavar
  • Hey Dalavar,
    Thank you first for the quick answer.
    However, I would be your offer

    Dalavar wrote:

    If you are interested, I can present this extension here.
    very happy to accept, if it doesn't cause you too much trouble
  • Howdy Timo Speyer,
    something like that definitely doesn't bother me! I am always happy when players are interested in Redstone. In the picture you can see the mentioned extension. The whole thing should be pretty self-explanatory.

    To the explanation for interested readers of this thread ': The entire control circuit consists of two parts. The funnels for the loading and unloading stations are queried using a comparator and fed into an AND gate. When the unloading station is empty and the loading station is full, the gate switches through and controls an observer block, which converts the continuous signal into a short pulse, which simulates the toggle switch on the other side. Since the unloading station cannot work with a continuous signal, it must now be checked regularly whether the conditions are met in order to generate a pulse. This is where the daylight sensor comes into play, which sends a "test signal" into the circuit every 20 minutes via the connected circuit and releases the gate, provided the other two conditions are met.

    Best regards, Dalavar
  • Hello together,

    I want to build a melon farm that is harvested with pistons.
    Now I wanted to ask if you can help me, since I have a maximum of basic Redstone knowledge.

    - It should be as efficient and gentle on the server as possible
    - fit on 1 to 2 GS and at least make the inventory full once nice but a DK would be full
    - I would like to connect an AnimalXP system so that the melon slices are fed directly into the thrower


  • Howdy Avurin,
    Your request does not require an in-depth understanding of redstone techniques, which is also the reason why no one has yet responded to your request. There are three ways you can proceed now.
    • The simplest is that you ask one of the many service providers on Kadcon to have a farm built for you according to your ideas.
    • Another possibility is that you have a look at one of the publicly accessible melon farms on Kadcon, reconstruct it and add an Animal XP machine according to this principle: Build an Animal XP machine.
    • The last option is to do some research on YouTube on the subject and recreate a farm according to one of the countless instructions.
  • Hi Dalavar,

    I've made myself smart by now, you're right, it's really not a complicated machine.

    I thank you for your answer and the tips and I wish you a nice weekend.


  • Hi
    I built a sorting system based on this model youtube.com/watch?v=BLFXRHZloDM, unfortunately I did not take into account that Kadcon blocks are shifted in 16 units every 5 seconds. This seems to cause problems with the programming of the "sorting funnel". I could think of a solution to bring the items individually into the line via a clock and a dropper. But clocks are forbidden on Kadcon and I wanted to ask if there is one
    Can recommend a solution or a tutorial.

    Greetings Benni
  • I noticed - of course it doesn't help me to enter the items individually. Up to 16 blocks are always passed on in the "sorting funnel" and so the "programming block" disappears if there are not exactly 17 blocks in the sorting funnel at the end.
    So how do I manage that only stacks of 16 are passed on?
    Ideas are welcome
  • Hey
    I have here a version of a sorting unit of items that works on Kadcon and can be stacked up to 64.

    Filling: You fill it with four stopper items which come into the last four slots of the funnel. In the first place in the hopper there is an item that you want to sort into there.
    The funnel directions are the first funnel in the hopper chain and go in a direction in which the other hoppers are, the second points to the comparator in which the items also come. and the lower one then points to the row to the box.
  • Howdy Ben_the_Ni,
    the note from SmileScan_HD is correct, but you do not need a pulse generator to operate most common sorting systems. TimoSpeyer has already given the right solution, but the explanation of the filling is still a bit unclear, which is why I have attached a picture to you. On Kadcon you need 45 blocks per sorting funnel as a "programming block" in the figure represented by the redstone dust that is to be sorted with this module. In all other slots you only put one block at a time. Programming is now complete. In the video you linked, the author Herovitabomb describes a problem that causes the entire circuit to become inoperative when a warehouse is completely full. This problem can be solved much more elegantly than described in the video, by simply using the sorting module that TimoSpeyer or I have presented here.

    Best regards, Dalavar
  • Thanks for the quick help, I'll test it tonight.
    My system is set up the same way, so hopefully I just have to change the sorting items.
  • Well, when it comes to sorting slides, it is much cheaper with programming items, 1slot the desired item
    2nd-5th slot an unnamed item can all have the same name because if you now feed quartz into the sorting system, the sorting programming shown above would be falsified and this would lead to the 1st item slot being completely emptied and thus all items being accepted can then as soon as the 1st item has reached 45 go 16 in the chest. Furthermore, experience has shown that it has no effect on sorting if the sorting system is overcrowded, which is stupid in terms of server performance.