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Corona pandemic How high is the risk of a second corona infection?

Another US study: immunity after corona infection lasts eight months

Another US study by the University of California at San Diego confirms months of immunity against infection with the coronavirus. According to this, most people can be immune for at least eight months after a corona illness. As the researchers found, all types of immune cells were still present in significant amounts in most of the test subjects eight months after infection. The researchers examined blood samples from more than 180 corona sufferers. Most of them experienced only mild symptoms, with about seven percent requiring hospital treatment. 43 samples were submitted at a time when the infection had already been between six and eight months.

Immune memory works long after infection

According to the information, antibodies, which the body produces to defend itself against the virus, decreased the most. However, T cells that kill infected cells showed only a slight decrease. The memory B cells, which function as immunological memory and can form new antibodies, increased in most of the test subjects.

Hygiene rules are still important

These study results clearly showed that "you naturally have to continue to adhere to the hygiene rules even after a Covid 19 disease has healed and with a positive antibody test," explained Schulze zur Wiesch,
from the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf.

Reinfection seems possible and there is also the theoretical possibility of infecting others again.

Julian Schulze zur Wiesch, University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf

Effects of the mutations unclear

To what extent the virus mutations discovered since December can affect the natural immunity and also the immunity after vaccination is still unclear. However, researchers estimate that the mutation on the surface protein (spike) of the virus could partially cancel out the immune response. If this is the case, the vaccinations would have to be adjusted. That is why it is important to closely monitor the global mutations.