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Islam commissioner: Jesus is more than a prophet in the Koran

The biblical Christmas story of the birth of Jesus can also be found in the Koran - albeit told differently. Jesus plays a central role in the Koran, said Pastor Sönke Lorberg-Fehring, Islam representative of the Northern Church, the "Evangelical Press Service". In the Koran he is not understood as the son of God, but “only” as a prophet - albeit as a special one. In the various suras, Jesus is also called the servant of God, the anointed and the messenger.

The birth of Jesus is described in sura 19. In contrast to biblical tradition, Mary gives birth to the baby Jesus in the Koran all alone under a palm tree. Neither Emperor Augustus nor Joseph, the manger, shepherds or angels appear in the Koran. Her contractions, on the other hand, are described drastically. They are alleviated because God strengthens Mary with fresh water, ripe dates and new courage. According to Lorberg-Fehring, this story also offers Christians a “thought-provoking approach” to Jesus.

In contrast to the Bible, the Koran states that Jesus could already speak as a newborn. “See, I am God's servant,” he says to Mary's family in sura 19. God made him a prophet and commanded him to give prayers and alms throughout his life. "Peace to the day I am born and the day I die and the day I am raised to life."

Great resemblance

The miracle of speech saves Maria's life. Because according to Jewish law, because of the illegitimate child, she was threatened with stoning as an adulteress when she returned to her people. That is why the baby asks everyone to treat Mary with reverence. The fact that Jesus was able to speak as a newborn, according to the Islam commissioner, was not only essential for Mary's survival, but also the beginning of a veneration of Mary in Islam that continues to this day.

The Bible also knows different stories about the birth of Jesus, according to Lorberg-Fehring. Great resemblance in the Koran is shown here with the “Gospel of James”, which, however, was not included in the biblical canon. The Koran is not about confirming Christian traditions, but about updating them for new listeners and integrating them into their own thematic and theological priorities.

Moral example

According to Lorberg-Fehring, the Muslim belief in all of God's previous messengers also includes the veneration of Jesus. As in the Bible, the Koran states that Mary did not conceive naturally. In both scriptures it is an angel who brings Mary the news of her mysterious pregnancy. That is why Muslims also see Jesus as a sign of God's unconditional closeness to people. "As a moral role model, he also stands for poverty, asceticism, spirituality and devotion."

According to Muslim ideas, it is inconceivable that God could beget a human son, says the Islam commissioner. Because the Koran emphasizes God's uniqueness and the equality of all people. Even if the concept of Jesus as God's Son is alien to the Koran, this does not change his great esteem and veneration in Islam. That is why it says in sura 19: "This is Jesus, son of Mary", who is blessed and brings blessings. (epd / mig)

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