How do I top up Vodafone Prepaid Online Egypt

Top up the CallYa card

Direct charging

Direct charging:
Help us and stay at home: Top up your CallYa credit online - once and without registration.

How you can pay:
Paypal, Sofort├╝berweisung, Visa, MasterCard, American Express

Convenience charging

Never again without credit - your CallYa card is automatically topped up with a credit of less than 5 euros. Or if it is no longer sufficient for the base price of your tariff or your tariff options. Register in a few steps.

How you can pay:
You pay by direct debit from the bank account of your choice.

CallNow Transfer

Transfer free credit from cell phone to cell phone
Either you request some from friends or family. Or you can transfer credit yourself to a CallYa account of your choice. Choose between 5, 10 and 20 euros.
Quite simply in the new MeinVodafone app via credit transfer. Or with the CallYa account server 22 9 22.

CallNow prepaid card

Simply top up using the CallNow prepaid card
1. Buy a CallNow card, e.g. at the gas station or in the supermarket.
2. Rub off your personal recharge number - the so-called cash code - for free.
3. Enter the cash code on your mobile phone like this: * 100 * top-up number #. Then press "send".

You can find more information about CallYa top-ups here: