Customs clearance completed how long

Calculate duties and taxes on international shipping

What documents do customs need for international shipping?

The most important document is the invoice. It serves as official proof of the value of the goods. It is in your best interest to keep the original invoice and send a few copies with your package. Whether you need to provide additional documents such as a certificate of authenticity or transport insurance depends on the country. If the courier company responsible for shipping is DHL, you can find these documents directly on their website.

How do you calculate the declared value for customs for international shipping?

In the case of international shipping, the declared value of the goods is decisive for the customs officers when collecting customs duties. In general, the value declared to customs for international shipments is calculated based on the following factors:

  • the purchase price of the goods;
  • identical goods that were manufactured in the importing country;
  • similar goods manufactured in the importing country;
  • the selling price of the goods;
  • the cost of production of the goods; or
  • Adaptation and mixing of some of the above methods in exceptional situations.

Why is my package still at customs?

A delay or interruption in delivery can be caused for several reasons. Depending on these, it can take hours to days and sometimes even months to get published. Some of the reasons can be:

  • The customs officers in the importing country need additional information.
  • The customs documents provided were inadequate.
  • Taxes are not paid on time.
  • The recipient refused to pay the customs duties.
  • The package contains prohibited or restricted items.
  • The mode of transport used to ship the package (air, sea, truck, and rail).
  • Or it's still pending approval.

Calculation of customs duties when shipping via Eurosender

When sending via the Eurosender platform, the recipient pays the customs fees. As the sender, however, you must leave the package open before picking it up so that the courier driver can check the contents.

If you have any questions about the cost of customs clearance and duties on international shipping, please contact our customer service team. Our specialists will be happy to answer any further questions you may have!