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Look out for a new job."This is not the industry I want to work in". Is that what you think That's okay. But be careful. It's not good if you quit immediately, go broke, and can barely survive until you get a new job. However, what you should be doing is keeping an eye out. It could be that there is a great job offer that you would never know about if you didn't look around. Jobs don't fall from the sky. So instead of nagging about your current job, you could start looking for a better one. That can't hurt.
  • If your job is bothering you, you will surely notice. It must be said: It is normal if you are not completely enthusiastic about your job. That's why it is job is called. But if you wanted to strangle your boss with his tie that day, that's a sign that you should move on. Think about how you feel about your job before jumping to any conclusions.