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Bonnie Winterbottom

Bonnie Winterbottom


Julie Barden (in therapy)
Sweet (Asher Millstone)
Receipt (Frank Delfino)
Summertop (Ronald Miller)

Cause of death

Accidentally shot in the stomach by courthouse security


Waitress (formerly)
Middleton Law Student (formerly)
Assistant District Attorney (formerly)
"We're all bad people. That's the only thing we have in common."
—Bonnie Winterbottom to Annalize's Law Firm.[src]

Bonnie Winterbottom is one of the main characters of How to Get Away with Murder. She appears sweet and kind, the perfect counterpart to Annalize, but she will show her claws when you least expect it. As Annalize's dedicated associate, Bonnie works around the clock to do all the behind-the-scenes casework, as well as help guide the students. Though she may reprimand Frank about his questionable decisions when it comes to his personal life, she is his biggest ally and protector. Besides, Frank knows that Bonnie has secrets too.

Biography [edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

"My father molested me and my sister. It started when I was five, she was six. My mother knew. It was how they made money. Tapes, and selling us to men. When I was 15, I got pregnant. I had the baby, a boy. But my parents told me he died. And now I just found out he might be alive."
—Bonnie Winterbottom to Ronald Miller regarding her childhood.[src]

When Bonnie was young, she and her sister, Julie Winterbottom were often abused, sexually and otherwise by her father and other men who her father introduced them to; one of whom being Louis Lindgren. By the age of 15, she had become pregnant and people stopped raping her. During labor, she passed out and when she awoke, her father told her that the baby died. Unknowingly, her father and presumably sister had secretly taken the baby to St. Lincoln's Hospital where they abandoned it. Julie later returned to the hospital where she secretly took the baby back. The following years, Bonnie came clean to the world about what had happened to her and many of the rapists were put in federal prison, including her father. ("Meet Bonnie", "I Love Her", "The Baby Was Never Dead")

After discovering another person who raped her, she files charges against him. Once arriving at the courthouse, Bonnie notices the other party arriving (Louis Lindgren and his lawyers, Annalize Keating and Hugh Murphy). Once the court is in session, Bonnie is on the stand explaining that she was 14 when she was raped by the Councilman. She explains that her father put her in his office in the basement of City Hall where the councilman would enter and rape her. She tells the court that it ended when she got pregnant, however, as she was being raped by multiple men she had no idea who the father was, nor does she know what happened to her baby once she gave birth. Once the court is in recess, Bonnie sits outside when her attorney goes up to her and tells her that she did a good job testifying. Annalize and her partner exit the building to see Bonnie's lawyer leaving her. The next time she is in court, Annalize is crossing Bonnie. Annalize questions her while she is on the stand and asks her why she waited so long to tell people what had been happening to her. Bonnie tells her that she was very young and her father was intimidating. Next, Annalize questions Bonnie's memory. She asks how she knows that it was the councilman that raped her and Bonnie responds that she remembered that it was him when she saw him on the TV. She didn't remember him before as she doesn't like to think about what had happened to her when she was younger. Annalize throws around multiple different mental illnesses, each trying to disprove Bonnie's testimony. However, it has the opposite effect. Next, she questions the existence of her child that supposedly died. Annalize then gets Bonnie to practically admit that there is a chance that the baby might not have existed, causing Bonnie to lose the case. Sometime later, Annalize approaches Bonnie. Bonnie at first is horrified by the fact that Annalize would face her after what she did to her in court. But after Annalize tells her that she thinks that she is capable of so much more and offers to get her into a law school, Bonnie agrees. Later, Bonnie shows up on Annalize's doorstep and Sam and Annalize invite her in. ("I Love Her")

Around 2004, Annalize has hired her as one of her Keating 4 along with three other law students. Still as shy as when she met Annalize, Bonnie is attending Sam's therapy sessions but making friends. She often helps Annalize with her pregnancy, having been through it herself. However, Annalize loses the baby. Bonnie stays on after completing law school as a kind of apprentice to Annalize. ("Pilot", "She Hates Us")

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Bonnie Winterbottom escorts Gina Sadowski, a woman charged with the attempted murder of her boss and lover, Arthur Kaufman, into the office of Annalize Keating so she can tell her side of the story to the professors law students so they can come up with a defense , which will help her walk free. After Annalize explains the competition to the students, she tells them they can get help from her associates, Frank and Bonnie. After Frank introduces himself to the class, Bonnie introduces herself, explaining that she'll like the students more if they come to her with answers instead of questions. When the students present their ideas, Bonnie and Frank help Annalize determine who will go through to the next round. After the winners are chosen, the court sessions start. Bonnie sits in the sessions on the defense desk, and she is in charge of most of the evidence and facts for the case. When Connor Walsh presents an illegally obtained email that will help the case, Annalize uses Bonnie to help confirm its legitimacy in court ... and it works, impressing Connor. Later that night, Bonnie and Frank stay at Annalize's office while the professor and her selected students attend a formal party with Sam Keating, Annalize's husband. Annalize and Sam return to the office as Bonnie and Frank work. Bonnie, over-friendly, greets Sam and gives jealous looks towards Annalize as she kisses her husband. Later on, Bonnie witnesses Frank flirting with Laurel, so she wants him to stop "screwing the students". The following day, after learning Gina bought aspirin the night before the attempted murder, Annalize is upset with Frank for not getting that bit of information out of the client. They end up winning the trial; However, Nate Lahey is later brought in to testify. Bonnie is then present when Annalize reveals who will come to work at her firm. She gives Frank suspicious looks when it's revealed Laurel is one of them. ("Pilot")


In a bar, Bonnie is listening to the TV broadcast about Lila. A man is sat next to her. He tells her that the stuff that they are saying about Lila is crazy. Bonnie asks him if he has secrets to hide and the man replies "don't we all?" Later, in a posh hotel, Bonnie is kissing the man who was talking to her at the bar. Bonnie asks him about his job. He tells her that she smells so good and continues to kiss her. After, Bonnie is leaving the hotel in a bit of a rush and looks emotional. She calls Asher and asks him if his party is still happening. He tells her it was kind of a bust and asks her why. She tells him that she could swing by his place for a bit. Back in the car, Laurel suddenly notices Asher crossing the road directly in front of the car. Connor stops the car before it plows him over. Asher is surprised that Bonnie would want to spend time with him and stops in the middle of the road blocking Connor's car unknowingly. Bonnie asks him if it is ok with him. He tells her that he will be there in 20 and walks off. Bonnie hangs up the phone and walks out of the hotel. She the goes to Asher's place. Asher casually tidies up while Bonnie looks at something. He asks her if she wants a drink. Bonnie tells him that she thinks that she's had enough and takes off her shoes while sitting on his couch. Asher asks her if she has had a rough night. He offers to talk about it. She tells him no and to sit down while stroking the chair. Asher doesn't want to take advantage of her as he thinks that she if pretty wasted. She tells him that she's a woman and she knows what she wants, even though she might be drunk. So she tells him to get over there. Asher sits down next to her and Bonnie gets on top of him and kisses him. He lifts her up and moves her on the couch. She hits her head on some books. He moves them while she tries to get his pants down. ("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

After Asher and Bonnie have sex, Asher checks his phone and sees pictures of Connor, Wes, Laurel and Michaela at the bonfire. He says that they never even wanted to go. Bonnie says that he can never tell anyone about them. Bonnie tells him that them having sex never happened. Asher agrees and claims to never be 'that guy.' Asher wants it to happen again when Bonnie's phone rings. She answers it and its Annalize crying. She asks Bonnie if she is with Sam and Bonnie says no as she isn't and asks why. Annalize tells her that something terrible has happened. ("Freakin 'Whack-a-Mole") She tells her that they fought last night after she left and that the D.A. was going to find out that the baby was his. He thinks he is going to go away for the murder. She says that he isn't answering his phone and she's worried that he might have done something stupid. Bonnie tells her to stay right where she is and that she will be right over. Asher asks who was on the phone. Bonnie tells him that she needs to get to the office. He offers her a ride and breakfast but Bonnie doesn't think that its a good idea. ("Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")

Season 2[edit | edit source]

In the premiere episode of Season 2, it is revealed that Bonnie murdered Rebecca by suffocating her with a plastic bag.


When Asher gets suspicious of everyone's secretiveness and wanted to testify stating that Annalize had asked her lover Nate to kill her husband Sam, Bonnie goes into detail explaining to him that Sam almost raped her and that is why she had to kill him. Later, Bonnie follows Asher, she discovers that he bought himself time. She reports this to Annalize, and then Asher comes into her car. Asher asks questions about Frank and the murder. Bonnie tells him that Frank helped and that the others do not know about this, so he must keep this a secret. Bonnie also falsely confesses that she used Asher as an alibi for her murdering of Sam. ("Meet Bonnie")


Season 3 [edit | edit source]

At the start of the Keating 5's second year of law school, Bonnie assisted Annalize Keating with her first pro-bono case at her new legal clinic. Her first client was a refugee from Iraq named Karim Assaf who pleaded guilty to a possession charge to prevent himself from being deported - or at least that was what Karim was told by his public defender at the time. In court, Bonnie helped stall the Judge by calling Karim's daughter to the stand while Annalize talked with the District Attorney's Office to get Karim's charge reduced to a misdemeanor. Annalize later arrived with the new plea it still didn't change her mind and refused to dismiss Karim's deportation status. Back at the Keating House, Bonnie finds a report on the university's website about the posters which a student had been putting up around the university calling Annalize a killer. She shows the report to Annalize. She asks her whether she thinks that it's Frank putting them up. Annalize doesn't and Bonnie takes that as a nod that Frank is dead. Annalize tells her that he isn't. ("We're Good People Now")

With Annalize's new clinic, Bonnie is forced to pack up some of the files in the office at the Keating House now that her law firm is taking a step back for a time. Laurel shows up and starts talking about Frank and whether she has heard anything from him. Bonnie tells her that she hadn't. Annalize arrives home and makes her way to her room where Bonnie and Laurel hear banging from Annalize smashing her burner phone with an ornament on the floor. Due to Laurel asking about Frank, Bonnie looks into Laurel's phone logs and finds that she has been calling him nearly every day. She takes this to Annalize who isn't happy that the Keating 5 are lying to her again after everything that she's done for them. Bonnie assures her that she'll deal with it. Sometime later, Bonnie calls Laurel and the two drink and play pool at a bar. Bonnie notices Laurel's poor skill at pool and questions why Frank never taught her better. Laurel then comes clean and tells Bonnie that she leaves voicemails for Frank and that because his voicemail box isn't full, he's listening to them. Bonnie tells her to stop calling him and to move on. The two then team up with Annalize and Laurel calls Frank again and begs him to come home, that everyone misses him and forgives him for what he did. When she hangs up the phone after telling him she loved him, she asks Annalize whether she did well. She replies telling her she did perfect. ("There Are Worse Things Than Murder")

Annalize is rummaging through her kitchen searching for her junk food. Bonnie arrives and shows her to the draw where she hid them. Bonnie comments on Annalize's newest client: Toby Solomon and tells her that she should drop him. Later, Bonnie, Michaela and Oliver discover that Toby had withdrawn a huge amount of money. They inform Annalize and Annalize and Bonnie then catch Toby on his way out where he admits that his former attorney is blackmailing him. Toby tells them that it is because he told him that he killed someone else. They then take Toby back to the house where he explains exactly what happened. Bonnie finds a website online run by the mother of the girl which he killed. After, Bonnie and Annalize discuss what to do with Toby. Bonnie compares the murdered girl to herself, thinking that Bonnie could have been her. Annalize asks whether she wants to stay the night for the company but she refuses. Back at her apartment, Bonnie watches videos of the killed girl's mother beg everyone for news on her missing daughter. The following day, Annalize gets Toby to lie under oath. He tells the court that the missing girl was killed by his jailmate. This then leads the ADA to offer a plea deal which Annalize forces Toby to take after slapping him in the face after he initially refuses. Bonnie flinches at the slap. Back at the house, Bonnie catches Michaela rummaging around her desk. Bonnie asks for the money she stole back. She then takes the 200k which Toby took out to Annalize who tells her to keep it. Later that night, Laurel returns but claims that she got nothing from her father. ("Always Bet Black")

At court, Tristan is being charged with credit card theft. Asher is first chair and profusely sweats. Asher gives his opening statement but the speech leaves a little to be desired. The ADA on the case informs the Judge that the attorney watching Asher, Annalize, has had her license revoked. In another room, Bonnie reassures Tristan that she will take over as lead attorney in Annalize's stead. Later, Asher has Oliver dig into Tristan's movements where they find him frequently visiting a storage facility. The three go there and discover a storage unit filled with baby things. Tristan admits that they are for someone and hints that it is his teacher. Determining that Susan Boatman is that teacher the two come up with a cutthroat idea and Asher questions whether Annalize would approve of said idea. In court, Bonnie humiliates Susan who pleads the fifth when asked about Tristan being the father of her baby. After, the ADA drops the charges against Tristan who is angry that Bonnie and Asher would ruin a woman's life. He calls them horrible people and leaves. Asher comforts Bonnie saying that she did the right thing and that he's proud of her. Later, at the Keating House, Annalize has broken up with Nate and is throwing his things out. Bonnie tells her that her father died in Coalport. One her way out that night, Bonnie notices Laurel crying in the porch. Laurel tells Bonnie that Frank was in Coalport. Realizing that Frank killed her father, Bonnie tells Laurel not to tell Annalize. ("Don't Tell Annalize")

Bonnie visits her father's body at the funeral home in Coalport and asks the director to cremate him. Outside, Laurel calls her and asks about Frank. Coincidentally, Frank appears at her car. The two embrace and Bonnie thanks him. That then return to Frank's motel room where Bonnie asks him why he would kill Mahoney in front of Wes. Frank tells her that it was so that Annalize wouldn't follow him. While taking a shower, Frank informs her that Annalize tried to call her. She then calls her back who asks Bonnie how she's doing. She tells her that she's with her sister and reminds Annalize to go to an AA meeting. After Bonnie tries to convince Frank to go back home but he doesn't believe that Annalize will take him back. Its night and Bonnie is sleeping in the bed while Frank sleeps on the floor. Frank has a nightmare and Bonnie wakes him up. He says that he was dreaming about when he hurt his father. The two get into bed together and Frank asks her to run away with him. Frank moves in for a kiss and the two ends up having sex. In the morning, Bonnie goes out and gets breakfast. When she returns to the motel room she finds that Frank and all his things are gone. Bonnie gets emotional. She then returns to Philadelphia where she catches Laurel telling Annalize about Frank being in Coalport. ("It's About Frank")

Bonnie tries to explain herself. Bonnie reveals a recording she secretly made of Frank confessing to Wallace Mahoney's murder. Laurel gets a call from Meggy telling her that the NYPD are at Wes' Apartment. Wes wants to talk to the police but Annalize tells him not to. The following morning, Annalize calls to tell both Bonnie and Wes who is currently hiding out in the house, that she has her license back. Bonnie then blames all of their problems on Wes, telling him that it all started with his crush on Rebecca. Later, Annalize gathers the other Keating 5 at her house where she tells them about Wes' predicament and that Wallace Mahoney is his father. That night, Annalize doesn't trust her but Bonnie says that she did everything for her, that she loves her. On her way out for the night, Laurel is waiting outside and questions her encounter with Frank. Bonnie lies and tells her that she barely saw him. The following day, Annalize is surprised that Bonnie is still trying with her. Bonnie offers to call Vince Levin and Annalize tells her to do so and to assist her in court. Bonnie then goes to the records clerk and gets evidence against Daniela Alvodar for Annalize to use in court. They later arrive home and Vince is waiting in the porch.When they look inside, Wes is gone. A news report on the TV suggests that Wes turned himself in. After watching the entire story though, it reveals that Charles, Mahoney's other son has been arrested. Annalize instantly knows that it was Frank's doing. ("Is Someone Really Dead?")

Wes later goes to the police with Vince Levin. Sometime later, Bonnie is at the Keating House and she wonders whether Laurel's father could find Frank again. Annalize has a craving for alcohol so Bonnie tells her to go to a group seeing as she has only gone once that week. The following day, Charles is revealed to have an alibi for the night his father died. Everyone gathers at the house where Wes catches Annalize out on another lie. The others turn on her and Bonnie tries to defend her but Annalize takes them all on and tells them to get everything off of their chest. After, Bonnie gives Annalize a slice of cake. Annalize is working on her most recent case when she has a breakthrough and calls Laurel over to assist. The following night, Bonnie is at her house, looking at the Mahoney alibi article when Frank knocks on her door. He comes in and tells her that he should've talked to Annalize from the start which is why the made Charles a suspect. Bonnie assumes that Frank has already tried to see Laurel and that she's his sloppy seconds. She tells him that anything that the two had together was lost when he left her in that motel room and tells him to get out. ("Call It Mother's Intuition")

Fire at the Keating House [edit | edit source]

After the Keating House is engulphed in flames, Annalize became the top suspect in the police's radar and arrested her because of it. Annalize then called Bonnie from jail where she told her that she had given her phone to Oliver to have him delete everything on it. When Bonnie goes to the crime scene later, she catches Oliver and he confirms that he has done what Annalize asked him to do. As a ploy to get the cops away from the ambulance, Bonnie uses her status as Annalize's attorney to talk to Detective John Mumford about the charges which they are holding Annalize on. While distracted, Oliver then drops the phone underneath the ambulance when the firemen receive confirmation that there is a survivor. Bonnie then races over to tell Annalize in jail the news. She then goes to the hospital where she finds Oliver trying to get an update from the nurse. They get nowhere and resort to asking Meggy to see whether she knows anything but she is too preoccupied to listen. Meggy later informs them that it is Laurel who is the victim and that she is pregnant. Bonnie then takes a phone call where she informs the person on the other end that Laurel is pregnant. ("Always Bet Black", "Don't Tell Annalize", "It's About Frank")

Season 4 [edit | edit source]

"Maybe I just made it all up that we were the same. We were both abused. We both lost babies. But maybe that's what screwed us up, too. Cause she wanted a child and I wanted to be what she wanted."
—Bonnie Winterbottom about Annalize Keating to Isaac Roa[src]

Around a month later, Bonnie called Annalize who was visiting her parents revealing that Hannah Keating (Sam's sister) was contesting Annalize's ownership of the house and her hearing to be reinstated to the bar was pending. A week later, Frank shows Bonnie around a building which Frank believes could be Annalize's new office and suggests giving the firm the name "Keating Winterbottom Delfino." Though Bonnie seemed to like the idea, she points out that Annalize still hates him. Frank asks her whether she wants to come to his parent's house to have dinner, however, Bonnie reveals that she already has plans as Annalize has invited her to dinner with the Keating 4. Later, once Annalize returned from Memphis, Bonnie and Annalize go to her Bar hearing where Annalize admits allegations against her are true. She explains due to her drinking, one of her students took their life at her home and that she has not had a drink since. After practically begging the board to give her another chance, Ellen Freeman and the rest of the board agree. That night, Bonnie and the others go to the dinner where Annalize presents the others with envelopes with strict instructions not to open them until they got home. Laurel said she couldn't drink to celebrate because she was having the baby and is due in five months. Annalize then said the envelopes held recommendation letters, as she was cutting them from her team. While the Keating 4 members all left unhappily by her decision, Bonnie was the only one left. Annalize then reached into her bag and gave her a letter herself. Bonnie pleaded with Annalize to change her mind but consumed with emotion, Annalize left. Sometime later, Bonnie blackmails District Attorney Todd Denver into getting her a job at the District Attorney's Office. While going into her interview, Nate sees her. ("I'm Going Away")

Once receiving her new office at the District Attorney's Office, Bonnie started work on cases, one of which lead her to a courtroom where Annalize was just finishing her case. While the attorney's changed over, it was revealed to Annalize that Bonnie was now an ADA which surprised her as she thought Bonnie was there to talk to her. Back in the office, Bonnie asks Nate for assistance on a case to which he refuses. While walking away Bonnie calls after him. Nate, however, thinks that she is only working for the DA for Annalize. Bonnie tells him that she isn't working for her any longer. Nate doesn't believe her. Annalize then later visits the office to talk to the ADA on her case with Jasmine Bromelle, a sex trafficking victim. After having no luck with him, she turns to Bonnie who was listening in closely to their conversation. While walking away, Annalize follows her to her office where Bonnie refuses to offer her help and gives her the advice to settle. When home, Bonnie calls Frank and asks him where he is as he promised her dinner. Frank gives the excuse that he is studying for the LSATS when really he is stalking Laurel. Frank asks her about her first week at the office to which Bonnie tells him was going fine until she ran into Annalize. She tells him that she wanted her to unseal some of Jasmine's records for her of which she refused to do. The following day, after coming to his senses, Nate gives her the contact details of the witness she asked for help with the previous day. Now that he has talked with Annalize personally and corroborated her story, he has no reason to give her a hard time. He asks her how she got the job then puts it together that she blackmailed Denver in order to get it. The two joke about starting a support group for Annalize's victims. ("I'm Not Her")

While coming into the office, Bonnie notices Oliver Hampton, who was talking to Nate. She ignores him as she walks into her office. Later she is visited by Laurel Castillo. Bonnie comments about Oliver telling the others. Laurel reveals that she wants to be her intern to which Bonnie instantly denies. Laurel tries to sway her decision as no other firm will hire her due to her low GPA and the fact that she is pregnant. As Nate comes into her office, Laurel asks him for his opinion on which Nate tells her that the office isn't for "munchkins". After she leaves, Nate tells Bonnie a way in which Bonnie can show to the DA that she is no longer "team Annalize." Enacting the plan, Nate calls Oliver to get him to hack into Annalize's phone and to dig for dirt about her client for Bonnie to leak to the other ADA. Oliver finds a deleted voice memo. Nate then takes this to the ADA on the case. While in the parking lot after trial, Annalize approaches Bonnie and Nate, angry with what they had just done. Bonnie and Annalize begin a verbal argument. Nate tries to get the two to stop, however, the two continue. The two eventually get violent and start attacking each other. Nate separate them. When home, she tells Frank