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Nemesis (Bangladeshi band)

Nemesis is a Bangladeshi Alternative rock band formed in 1999 by a group of school friends.They are known for being one of the pioneers of Alternative Rock music in Bangladesh.With the help of the exceptionally "powerful" voice of Zohad Reza and the skillful guitar playing of Maher Khan, the band has proved themselves over the years. They have released two studio albums till now. Their second album titled "Tritio Jatra" (The Third Journey) was released in November 2011. In November, 2011 they released their second album.

History [edit]

Nemesis was formed in the winter of 1999[1]. Most of the band members had just finished their O-levels and had a lot of spare time in their hands.

Zohad and Maher were close friends.Maher invited Zohad to jam with them.As Zohad had no previous singing experience, Yawar was not very comfortable to include Zohad in the band.But others saw potential in the voice of Zohad and asked him to join the band. After that they did a couple of public concerts and their names kept growing strong in the public arena which is commonly know as "Underground". From the scratch, they faced problems with finding a good bassist.Nandito suggested his cousin Ratul, who played rhythm at that time, as the bassist.Ratul was keen to switch over to the bass and adjusted to the instrument eventually.[citation needed]

Almost a year and a half later, with no activities in the band, they decided to get a drummer and a guitarist to play in place of Yawar and Nandtio, while they were away completing their studies. Zohad used to see Omayr and Dio jam around. They were not only impressive for their age, but also had personalities that match with other band memebers. So they decided to take them on board. Dio and Omayr stuck to the band ever since.[citation needed]

Onneshon (2006) [edit]

After a few changes in the line-up during the initial years, the band eventually started to gain ground within Dhaka's local music scene with their fluent performances. This earned them a spot in a 'mixed album' compilation tagged 'Agontuk-2'. in 2003. Debuting with their first single 'Obocheton', Nemesis became an instant favorite among Dhaka's listeners which, in turn, led to a record deal with G-Series[1]. They started recording in the home studio of Sumon. Onneshon, the debut album released in 2005, went on to become one of the major albums of that year. The album instantly stood out and generated a lot of attention with several of the songs proving to be major hits with the audiences[2]. On the other hand, the album had really poor sound quality as the recording facilities of that time in Bangladesh was not much developed. At times, the poor sound quality seemed to overshadow the brilliance of music the album had to offer.

With the release of 'Dhushor Bhabona' (2006) and 'Joyoddhoni' the following year, Nemesis also earned mainstream recognition as the singles went on to be included in the 'Radio Foorti Top 100 Singles' of 2006, 2007 & 2008 [3][4][5]. The track 'mrittuchhaya' also got listed in Radio Foorti's Top Songs of 2010[6].

During the years following their debut in 2005, Nemesis had been engaged in numerous concerts and events largely concerning social awareness / issues amongst other relevant affairs. Of these, the events well worth a mention: 'Say No To Drugs' concert in Gulshan Youth Club (2008),' Save the Children 'and' Stand up Against Poverty 'concerts in the Dhanmondi Amphitheater (2009),' Vote for Sundarban 'concert at the Army Stadium organized by BAMBA (2010) [7].

The band has also appeared in several corporate-sponsored events which include the 'Banglalink Music Festival', the successful series of tribute shows sponsored by BAT as well as many other shows promoting different brands and products. In addition, the group has also proved itself successful in many different club shows with performances at the International Club, the American Club as well as appearance that highlighted Aurum's New Years event at The Radisson, December 2009.[citation needed]

Tritio Jatra (2011) [edit]

The band waited for six long years to record their second album. The first single from the album "Kobe" was released in radio stations earlier in the 2011[8].They eventually gathered a lot of attention of listeners with the release of "Kobe"[9].They recorded the album in Bengal Studio with a high level of precision.This time, they wanted to gift the audience with crystal clear sound and expert handling of mixing and mastering. In June, 2011 they finished recording and mastering the whole album.They managed a record deal with Deadline music (DLM). In late 2011, they released the music video of "Kobe" which stunned the music lovers of the nation with never-before-seen visual effects and outstanding storytelling[10]The music video was produced by "Studio Bangi"[11] & was premiered at "The Bench" on November 4th, 2011 The album was launched at Café 33 in Bailey Road on 23rd November, and an autograph session was held on 30th November of 2011[12].

Popularity [edit]

Nemesis along with Aurthohin, Rockstrata, Warfaze, Artcell, Cryptic Fate, Stentorian, Metal Maze, Black, Arbovirus, Vibe, Kronic are among the first and few bands in Bangladesh to popularize rock in the country. Their popularity paved the way for many bands to be formed especially in Dhaka.[13]

Band members [edit]

  • Zohad Reza Chowdhury - vocals (1999 - present)
  • Maher Khan - guitar, vocals (1999 - present)
  • Omayr Khan - guitar (2001 - present)
  • Raquibun Nabi Ratul- Bass (2000 - present)
  • Dio Haque - drums (2001 - present)

Discography [edit]

Studio albums
  • Onneshon (2006)
  • Tritio Jatra (2011)
Compilation albums (contributed singles)
  • Agontuk 2 (2003)
  • Live Now (2007)
  • Underground 2 (2007)
Music video

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