What does phil wtf stand for

There's multiple meanings, so I will list them here:
the feel when - social media
Team Free Will - Supernatural
Thanks for watching - YouTube
Typical fucking whore - user-made
Tactical Fighter Wing - Aviation
Travel for work
Time for wine
Toxic flood water
The force within
The Forgotten Ways (Alan Hirsch book)
1. TFW she gives you a side hug

2. I fucking love TFW from Supernatural, would smash

3. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, TFW and don't forget to like comment and subscribe!

4. Felicia is such a tfw
Yes, we all know her weave is fake

5. We learned about the Korean War and USAF's 8th TFW, it was some pretty nasty shit going down over there

6. So glad I get to tfw to the Bahamas just to talk to our partner's Vice President of Sales.

7. I had such a long day, so glad it was tfw at 9:00 with my husband.

8. tfw is some serious shit, it's water with toxon

9. Star wars nerd: I have a Algebra 2 test on Wednesday.
Star wars nerd 2: tfw, Jacob
Star wars nerd: tfw to you too, Juan

10. I just finished reading TFW, I loved it. It was time better spent than that shit mixtape.
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